What Is The Best TeamViewer Alternative?: Our Picks

TeamViewer is a remote desktop software for sharing your desktop remotely. But, it can be pricey. So here are the best TeamViewer alternatives you can try.

Remote desktop applications are becoming more and more essential nowadays, whether it is connecting to a home server or fixing somebody else's computer over the Internet. One popular solution is TeamViewer. However, TeamViewer does come with its fair share of issues, from latency problems to expensive commercial pricing. So, in this article, we are going to explore the best TeamViewer alternatives to TeamViewer or software like TeamViewer.

First Things First, What Is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer describes itself as "the world's most trusted remote access, control and support software." It is a solution for remote control, desktop sharing, and file transfer that works behind any firewall and NAT proxy.

How Much Does TeamViewer Cost?

Right here and behold, we are going to tell you that TeamViewer is quite expensive, particularly its commercial tier. Its pricing plans offer three options: For Single Users, For Teams, and For Enterprise.

For the For Single Users option, there's the TeamViewer Remote Access at around $12 per month and the TeamViewer Business at around $27 per month.

For the For Teams option, there's the TeamViewer Premium at around $52 per month and the TeamViewer Corporate at around $104 per month.

The prices above are all billed annually.

For the For Enterprise option, you will need to connect with TeamViewer's sales team.

Expensive, right? Hence, the TeamViewer alternatives. Read on.

A List Of The Best TeamViewer Alternatives For Remote Access

Whether you want complex remote management or to conduct online meetings with different participants, this guide shall provide you with the right information on choosing the suitable TeamViewer alternative for your actual needs.

On this list, you can find free versions and free trials, but all embody essentially everything that TeamViewer offers, plus more.

With the growth in the number of employees working from home, it is vital for businesses to understand and implement measures to maintain a productive work environment outside of the usual office setting.

There are several alternatives to the TeamViewer remote management software out there or programs like TeamViewer, such as Splashtop and Microsoft remote desktop, and everything else you will learn about in a bit. Here is the list of the best alternatives to TeamViewer.

1. Our Best Pick: Getscreen.me

Beyond the other remote desktop software you will learn about later on, our top choice is Getscreen.me. Getscreen.me is remote desktop software based on the cloud designed to be utilized both as a business tool and for personal use. This software lets you easily provide technical support to your customers, relatives, or friends. It also lets you connect to your office computer or administer entire networks. There are no restrictions on commercial use even on its free service plan.

Some Features Of Getscreen.me

Here are some of the features that users love about Getscreen.me:

You've learned about our top choice. Now, let's head over to the rest of what's on the list.

2. Dameware Remote Everywhere

Another TeamViewer alternative is Dameware Remote Everywhere or DRE. This software is capable of connecting to workstations typically in less than eight seconds, and already includes encryption protocols to keep your data safe and secure. It also features two-factor authentication and multi-level permissions.

With DRE, you can establish quick remote access, either attended or unattended access, from Windows, macOS X, or Linux to any desktop or mobile device running on Android or iOS.

Furthermore, DRE users can likewise take screenshots and record videos during a remote desktop session. They can save this reporting feature to a file and upload it to the cloud for future troubleshooting reference.

Also, DRE allows IT professionals to reboot unresponsive computers via Intel vPro with AMT, KVM, and Wake-on-Lan, so they never have to wait for the end user to be present prior to troubleshooting.

Other features of DRE include pre-session or in-session chats with end users, voice conferencing, and multi-window toggling to run various sessions at the same time. Admins may also add users to Active Directory or AD, and delegate permissions via the software's AD management tool.

However, DRE is not considered a free alternative to TeamViewer. Yet, it has a 14-day trial for users to see how it works for them before actually using the tool fully.

3. Dameware Remote Support

For slightly different user cases than DRE as An on-premises tool, Dameware Remote Support or DRS works with an unlimited number of user users over Windows, Linux, or macOS X. Here, remote connections are established safely over the Internet or via LAN. And when simplifying the Windows administration process, this software also accesses reboot systems, and allows users to view and clear event logs, as well as delete or move files.

It has built-in remote admin tools for facilitating the remote management of AD environments and delivering remote support from iOS and Android devices, anytime and anywhere.

Plus, one of the other remarkable features of DRS is its partly remote system that uses system tools in order to troubleshoot issues on a device without having to launch a full remote-control session on the host.

You can try DRS with its 14-day trial.

4. Mikogo

On the other hand, Mikogo directly runs within the browser on most primary operating systems without requiring any download or installation, saving users time. It features all the standard compositions of a robust online meeting software, including chat features, recording and playback tools, and so much more.

Moreover, users can also quickly and easily switch out admin roles. And with its HTML viewer, teams of up to 25 users can access a computer at the same time.

With high-quality VoIP and teleconferencing numbers for several countries, Mikogo is capable of conducting virtual meetings a whole lot easier. Users can enjoy the comfort of multiple monitor support for up to four screens, and a data transfer function for the safe sharing and exchange of sensitive files up to 200MB with other users.

You can try its 14-day trial.

5. Ammyy Admin

With a zero-configuration requirement, another TeamViewer alternative, Ammyy Admin allows users to right away and easily share a remote desktop or control a server. With Ammyy Admin, there are no complex firewalls or router configurations. This means straightforward security features. Plus, a unique ID is provided for each user to prevent unauthorized access.

These features make this tool ideal for remote system administration, remote support, distance learning, and data isolation. You can use it anytime and anywhere.

Free for personal use, this remote desktop software enables direct data transfer and basic chat capabilities.

6. Chrome Remote Desktop

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a more simple and more straightforward TeamViewer alternative, choose Chrome Remote Desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop runs as an extension within the Google Chrome browser. Though you need a Google account to access, it will not be a hindrance since many people nowadays already use a Gmail address. Simply add this extension to the browser on the computers you wish to access, and you instantly will have remote control through an HTTPS connection.

It is free to use, but Chrome Remote Desktop, we would be honest right here, does not have chat, video calls, and screen sharing capabilities. If you are looking for these features, it may not be remote access solution for you.

7. Join.Me

As its name already implies, Join.Me is another great alternative to TeamViewer. Users can customize their online meetings, record sessions for future playback and tracking, share screens, and use an interactive whiteboard feature with real-time discussions through a personalized URL. It is also integrated with Outlook and Google Calendar.

It is free, but with limited features. So, you are advised to go for the paid option. Paid users can connect with others simultaneously from anywhere in the world, and host meetings with up to 250 participants. However, since it is restricted only to Windows and macOS X, it may not be ideal for large companies.

8. Webex Remote

Webex is quite a huge name in this area. Now running on the cloud servers of Cisco, Webex Remote is a powerful TeamViewer alternative, perfect for large and distributed teams. With the goal of helping organizations and individuals hold online training and web conferencing, this great alternative to TeamViewer allows users to conveniently schedule sessions via its integration with Outlook, get real-time access to sharing screens, transfer files easily, manage company software, and more, thus reducing maintenance delays.

Users can already conduct online meetings consisting of up to two other participants with its free version. Premium packages offer more impressive features.

9. LogMeIn Pro

Next on the list of TeamViewer alternatives is LogMeIn Pro. It provides 1TB of cloud space to keep relevant files, apps, and projects in one place. While it is true that it only allows access to up to 10 computers, an unlimited number of users can access these files in the cloud.

Aside from those, LogMeIn Pro also features a cross-platform browser app to establish remote connections in local networks and over the World Wide Web. All sessions are protected via SSL/TLS.

Furthermore, it also uses Public Key Infrastructure to confirm the identities of both the server and the host. Its features like task automation and remote printer access may be impressive, but LogMeIn Pro does not support web conference meetings yet.

A 14-day trial is available for users to try.

10. VNC Connect

Consisting of both free and paid versions, VNC Connect is said to be ideal for small businesses. One of the best features of this is it holds a security advantage with its password-protected 128-bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication.

Not just those, but it likewise features a server app installed on the computer the user is controlling and a viewer application accessed from their work device. Users will also appreciate the high-speed streaming for remote access across both cloud and offline connections.

It may be secure, but VNC Connect unfortunately does not have web conferencing features. Yet, its paid version provides enterprises with comprehensive control over unlimited devices and standard features such as data transfer and chat. A 30-day trial is available. It's easy to use, so continue using the software and the software tools for better results.

Remote Access Is The Future

Though the trend of remote work seems to only be growing quite recently due to the pandemic, you should know that remote access has been in use for a while. As its name implies, remote access lets users connect to devices and access files on a network, wherever they are in the world. And tools like TeamViewer and its alternatives take it a step further by letting users not only connect but also control the devices, as is historically seen with remote support. Remote desktop access is the future. It provides benefits for users anywhere in the world.

However, establishing a strong remote desktop connection has only become even more prevalent recently. Thus, implementing a remote access strategy offers firms more fluidity in collaborating with employees and productivity. They can hire the best talent no matter what the location is, and promote collaboration between teams across the globe.

Now That You've Learned The Best TeamViewer Remote Software Alternatives That Can Let You Access Desktops Remotely, We Answer Some Quora Questions

Quora is the best place to find answers to life's most interesting questions. So we headed over to this platform to answer some of the most popular questions about remote access software.

What Are The Top 5 TeamViewer Alternatives To Remote Access And Control Your PC?

TeamViewer is a great tool, no doubt about that. It is also quite popular. But others say that some of its pricing tiers are very expensive, so people who need remote access software look for alternatives.

There are several TeamViewer alternatives out there, but for this time, the top five would be Getscreen.me, Dameware Remote Everywhere, Mikogo, Chrome Remote Desktop, and Webex Remote. Go ahead and give them a try.

What Is An Alternative To TeamViewer?

There are many great alternatives to TeamViewer, but our top choice with regards to TeamViewer alternative is Getscreen.me.

It is a cloud-based remote desktop software designed to be used for business and personal purposes. It lets users easily provide technical support to their customers, relatives, and friends. This tool also lets you connect to your office computer or administer entire networks. We recommend that you give Getscreen.me a try.

Share Your Desktops Remotely In A Way That Works For Your Better With The Best Teamviewer Alternative

It is understandable that some people may search for remote PC software or the best remote desktop software that is an alternative software to TeamViewer, when they need to share their desktops remotely. However, at times, TeamViewer doesn't provide what exactly the user needs. Yes, it does have a Chrome extension but this Chrome extension doesn't offer everything they need. Using TeamViewer as a software solution does not seem to work for everybody. Using the software either for personal or commercial use is not enough, so some users are looking for paid and free remote desktop support software similar to TeamViewer. They do not just rely on TeamViewer because of its insufficiencies, for others. So looking for an alternative that allows users achieve what they want is the way to go.

Searching online, you can find several best TeamViewer alternatives in 2022, 2023, and beyond. There are several software solutions available for remote desktop sharing functions other than TeamViewer. One of the best TeamViewer alternatives is Getscreen.me, just like what you learned earlier. There are also paid and completely free TeamViewer alternatives or an app like TeamViewer that works on Android and iOS, such as AnyDesk and Splashtop. Aside from Splashtop, Dameware Remote Everywhere is also a good replacement for TeamViewer, along with the others you have learned on this list above.

Are you looking for software, additional software to, or remote control software other than TeamViewer that are simple to use? To tell you, fortunately, when finding the ideal or right TeamViewer alternative, there are various options. Aside from ensuring seamless access and control, such tools can likewise help you avail of real-time chat and collaboration that can, without a doubt, boost employee engagement and customer experience.

Well, given a choice, we would go with Getscreen.me because it provides features way beyond a TeamViewer alternative. However, the other tools enumerated above are also worth considering as an alternative to TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a big and popular software, so it is almost impossible to select the best alternative to TeamViewer. Requirements differ, so whatever choice you make, make sure security and easy accessibility are at the top of your agenda.

If you need a TeamViewer alternative or another solution that has the TeamViewer remote function, refer to the rundown above. You can also find the best TeamViewer alternative Mac or Windows users are taking advantage of. We hope you learned a lot from this list of TeamViewer alternative software.