What Are Today's Best eBay Product Research Tools?

When it comes to eBay product research, you can be more effective for your business when you use eBay Product Research Tools.

Launching your eBay business will be the easy part. However, knowing what to sell on eBay is altogether a different matter. In this article, you will learn more about eBay product research and some tools to help you. Read on.

With around 1.7 billion eBay listings now (that's a lot), there is definitely so much competition for online merchants. Without guidance, you may be uncertain where to start or be beaten by much more experienced competitors and rivals. So, what should you do?

There are essentially two ways you can dig around for products to sell on eBay: manually slogging through everything. Or, having a handy-dandy tool to help you out. For us here at iARTidea, it is the latter. First and foremost, it will mean less work on your end. You'd want that, right?

So, we've come to the goal of this post. We are going to present eBay product research to you, and two of the hottest and best eBay product research tools right now. Let's get started.

 eBay Product Research Tools

Starting To Sell On eBay

During the second quarter of last year, it has been said that over $18.5 billion of merchandise has been sold via eBay -- sold with 138 million buyers across the globe. This market represents a sizable opportunity for new merchants, especially since it is very easy to get started. Vouch for that.

Signing up on eBay is perhaps the simplest way to be an online seller. All you need to do is to sign up for free on eBay. You can select between a Personal Account (the recommended option for more casual sellers), and a Business Account. Choose the Business Account way when you want to sell large quantities, or resell products. Besides these two free options, you can also choose to run your own eBay store, but with a free.

Before selling your first product on eBay, you must lay the foundations for your success. What is this? You got it. eBay product market analysis. Understanding supply and demand in the marketplace, as well as expected profit margins will help you make the proper product sourcing decisions. Even at this early stage of your journey as an eBay seller, there are eBay product research tools that can help you out.

The eBay Product Research Tool: What Is This All About?

Anybody who wants to make money on eBay should understand what to sell and how they can keep up with the ever-changing market demand in eCommerce. One of the ways to do that is doing your own research, manually, on eBay; make literally lots of notes; and rely on your gut. But leave those for now. They are not a recommended strategy, even for the new online seller.

Spending time wisely saves money and figuring out what to sell with a professional eBay product research tool will help you with both. Believe us. Plus, it'll help you to also maintain your selling streak and grow your sales with ongoing eBay analytics.

Just as what it is called, an eBay product research tool helps you find which products and categories buyers are currently searching for, and are profitable to sell. However, some of these tools do more than that.

Here's a list of other features that eBay analytics and product research tools may include.

So without further do, let's introduce you to two of the best eBay product research tools today.

Two Of The Best eBay Product Research Tools: AutoDS And ZIK Analytics

eBay product research

eBay Product Research Tool Best Choice # 1: AutoDS

AutoDS refers to your cloud-based dropshipping platform that is designed to provide help to businesses when managing orders, and tracking changes in stock levels and product prices across various sales channels. Its features include performance metrics, profit calculation, automatic price optimization, and real-time update. You'll get to know more about its features in just a bit. For now, let's head over to talk about its dashboard.

Using its dashboard, retailers can manage several stores, monitor active or untracked listings, and calculate the number of orders placed, with the help of graphs. The solution allows users to schedule bulk uploads, modify cost settings, and set up location and policies.

AutoDS also comes with a product monitor feature, which helps supervisors track product quantities on supplier listings, estimate shipping time, and add source ID and SKU to uploaded items automatically.

The software also is integrated with third-party platforms such as HipShipper and BlueCareExpress. It provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. However, these are only available when you subscribe to AutoDS. Plus, its support is via live chat and documentation.

eBay product research

Features Of This Software For Your eBay Business: Be Profitable

1. Product Research System

With this feature, you can instantly compare over eight million products from suppliers worldwide, and add to your store in just one click.

2. Product Imports

Using the Product Imports feature, you can bulk import more than 500 million products from over 25 global suppliers in one click. One click is the name of the game here.

3. The Fulfilled By AutoDS Feature

AutoDS also lets you automate orders, tracking updates, and returns without needing a buyer account. How about that?

4. Price And Stock Tracking

The software also scans your products 24 hours a day, seven days a week for updates, and automatically edits these details in your store.

When you need help with AutoDS, you can speak to their reliable and knowledgeable support staff day in, day out.

eBay product research

eBay Product Research Tool Best Choice # 2: ZIK Analytics

On the other hand, ZIK Analytics is your well-established eBay market research tool that helps sellers look for the best products to sell on their eBay, and shows them how to sell these products fast by ranking them higher in search results.

Included with ZIK Analytics are several different tools that use the power of, what else, analytics data to search for the best products, categories, niches, and title keywords.

If you are doubting its reputation, you shouldn't be. This software has been running since 2016, and is used by thousands of eBay sellers, and just not eBay sellers, but also wholesalers, resellers, dropshippers, and brand owners. Plus, all members get access to the ZIK Academy, packed with hundreds of hours of educational content, so they can learn how to sell online.

eBay product research

Features Of This Best eBay Product Research Software: Find The Best-Selling And Hot Products, Outwit Your Competitors

1. Quickly Find Millions Of Hot Products

Like AutoDS, ZIK Analytics lets you fill your eBay store with profitable products. Get eBay sales data for any product and see which have a huge potential to sell. You may also filter by sales, feedback, and price to find exciting opportunities to make money. Then, save the products it finds and export them to your own listing software. Talk about getting lucky.

2. Learn From Sellers Who Dominate The Market

Stay ahead of your competitors. With ZIK Analytics' Competitor Research Tool, you can scan any eBay seller to get inspiration for new product ideas. Quickly take a look at what's selling well, and learn the strategies that successful sellers use to win on eBay.

3. Find The Best-Selling Item Categories

ZIK Analytics also lets you explore item categories for hot products. Access the selling potential of any category with data such as total eBay sales, average product price, sell-through rate, or selling trends from Google. Afterward, dive deep into the niche to discover the best-selling items and high-ranked listings.

4. Rank Your Products Higher Than Your Competitors

The software also lets you place your products on the first page of eBay's search results. See the best keywords for any product on eBay, sorted according to the number of competitors and amount of sales, then use data to build titles that rank your items high, thereby driving sales to your listings.

eBay product research

Now That You've Learned Some Trendy And Free Tools For eBay Market Research, Let's Answer Some Popular Questions

1. What Is An eBay Store?

An eBay store is a comprehensive eCommerce solution that helps you get the most out of the eBay marketplace and the millions of worldwide customers who shop on eBay. eBay users also get exclusive marketing and merchandising tools, plus great customization features to build a formidable brand that keeps customers coming back for more.

2. How Can A Beginner Start Dropshipping?

To begin dropshipping, you can follow these steps:

3. What Is The Purpose Of Product Research?

Product research, such as eBay product research, pertains to how you validate a product idea and see if it will be successful or not. It is usually part of the product development process that helps identify customer needs and if your idea is capable of meeting the demands in the market. The result? A better ROI on your product.

Find Your Way Around The eBay Marketplace And Make The Best Out Of Your Business With eBay Product Research Tools

There you have it, two of the best eBay product research tools. We've also compared them side by side, so you get an idea of which suits you and your needs the best. We hope you can make the best decisions when it comes to your eBay business. Give these tools a try.

However, be sure you'll get the best features from these software. Look for the tool that can enhance your product listing, optimize them, analyze your business, and track eBay listings. Prefer eBay research tools with a nice interface or user interface, know how to find best-selling products, that are easy-to-use, and the link. Selling products online should not be difficult.

Also, if you have experienced another useful eBay product research tool, feel free to share it with us here at iARTidea. We are always happy to hear from you!

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