ThriveCart, The Right Shopping Cart Platform For Your Online Business

Succeed with ThriveCart, a shopping cart platform to give you a high-converting cart for your online business. Is ThriveCart worth it? Let's find out.

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Are you on the lookout for a great checkout software you can use for your online store? In this article, we will review ThriveCart in detail. ThriveCart is regarded as one of the best cart builder programs today. Read on.

ThriveCart Is The Perfect Shopping Cart Platform For Your e-Commerce Business

Similar to any other business venture in the world of retail, e-Commerce encounters a lot of challenges. With literally millions of sellers trying to stay in the center stage of things, it is not easy to be on that spot, especially when beginning in this field. Yes, what you need is a solid inventory and a good business plan. But at times, it is the small details that make all the difference.

e-Commerce sales are at a higher rate today than the previous years, according to reports. However, cart abandonment rates are also high, at around 65 percent. In other words, over half of the customers leave the website without completing the checkout process. Experts say that one of the primary reasons for this is a complicated checkout process.

This is when shopping cart software enters the scene. These tools are packed with the most advanced features that not only can simplify the checkout process for customers, but also implement various winning tactics to encourage them to buy from your business.

ThriveCart is one of these software. Learning about ThriveCart here, you will get to know what the program is about, why it is loved by many business owners, its main attractions, whether it is worth your time and money, and so much more. Let's begin.

ThriveCart Review 2023: What It's All About

What is ThriveCart all about? Sure, here's our answer to that question. ThriveCart is an eCommerce platform that started catapulting businesses to success in 2016. It allows entrepreneurs to sell both physical and digital products, as well as subscription services over the Internet. This program also provides shopping cart building solutions, payment processing, and services like upsells, bump offers, and sales funnels to better up your sales.

ThriveCart was founded by Josh Bartlett. According to Bartlett, the idea behind creating this software was to enhance the cart solutions present today. Being a software engineer and an online seller himself, it was just a matter of time until he would come up with his own solution to the problem. The initial launch of ThriveCart was generally quiet, but it gained momentum soon after. By the end of 2021, it catapulted itself to be one of the top checkout services available on the market today.

According to Thrivecart, there are over 200,000 online sellers who have used their services, selling almost 14 million products worth a whopping $2 billion in total.

ThriveCart is ideal for:

What Does ThriveCart Have To Offer?: Upsell Your Products Better With ThriveCart's Features

What's so great about ThriveCart is that it is loaded with features to improve the cart design on your e-Commerce platform. It features easy-to-use design tools, making it extremely comfortable to use, even for those just starting out. Here are the top five features of ThriveCart.

Easy Way To Design Your Page

Create a beautiful and highly engaging shopping cart page with ThriveCart's easy drag-and-drop editor.

Reliable Customer Support

A dedicated, highly skilled, and reliable support team from ThriveCart is always present to resolve your various issues about the platform.

Sales Boost Strategies And Tactics

Add profit-boosting strategies to your checkout page with just a few clicks. These include upsells, bump offers, recurring charges, and so much more.

Seamless Integrations

Work in the best way possible with various third-party services like membership platforms, payment processors, marketing services, shipment services, and the like.

Very Affordable

No confusing pricing plans. Buy all of the services of the ThriveCart once and for all, at a price that is very affordable.

Up next, we take a closer and in-depth look at its best features.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a good way to boost how your business works and improve sales with the help of affiliates, or third-party promoters. Using ThriveCart, you will never need to buy an alternate affiliate service. Thus, saving you time and money.

ThriveCart has a comprehensive built-in affiliate management system where you can monitor the performance of your affiliates, set payment regulations, and make payments to them.

Moreover, you can also add your affiliates to a group and implement particular rules like bonus payments, including them in your mailing list, inviting them to a webinar, etc.

The same thing goes for payment rules. You can increase or decrease their profit margins, set the auto-payment rules, and add or remove affiliates depending on their performance.

Here are some of the biggest features of the ThriveCart affiliate program:

Custom Page Builder

As stated earlier, ThriveCart has easy editing tools that will let you create highly converting checkout pages. You never need to have extensive programming or designing skills to create a stunning cart page. ThriveCart uses a simple-to-use drag-and-drop tool to design the page on top of several default templates, hundreds of them.

Moreover, you can create visually stunning product pages, funnel pages, and checkout pages without using too much time and too many resources. The only limit is your creativity and imagination.

Payments And Calculating Taxes

This is another area where ThriveCart also excels. It lets you sell one-time payment products, memberships, installment payments, and so much more. For membership customers, ThriveCart also creates automatic alerts for card expiration, to renew their subscription, or for the payment of due amounts. Aren't those great?

Additionally, if you are a business offering discounts and promos, you really do not have to move outside ThriveCart. You can either directly add coupon codes or place your coupons' URLs that are valid for a certain period of time. Plus, the software also supports fixed discounts, shipping offers, restricted coupons, a percentage discount, and the like. You may also set the alert every time the coupon is cashed in a successful sale.

The platform supports nearly all major payment gateways and payment processors that include Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. As of today, ThriveCart supports over 20 international currencies.

ThriveCart also lets users collect sales tax from their customers. This tax estimation capability is bundled with its both plans (which you will know more about later) and there is no additional cost or third-party integration required for it. The tax amount depends on where your prospect is checking your website.

The software is capable of automatically calculating the tax. Based on the price you have set for the product, the tax will be added to it and the final price will get highlighted on your website. No manual intervention is needed in the entire process, and this is a big advantage, especially for beginners who still lack knowledge about international taxes.

Several Checkout Pages And Designs

ThriveCart offers various checkout designs: one-step, two-step, popup, and embedded. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Furthermore, for you to turn your web visitors into buyers, you need to analyze their web presence and more so, track their online activities. ThriveCart allows you to implement different sales funnel tactics based on your prospects' behavior, online activities, and patterns.

For instance, you can place an impulse-buy item on your checkout page, or the very product that the customer has visited several times. This is among the best strategies to encourage and push your customer to shop more from your store.

Things get really simple here. All you need to do is to proceed to the Funnels section and create one for any product you want. You can likewise use the same funnel for a plethora of products, in case you have many products to sell. You may also place bump offers, discount offers on additional purchases, add-on product suggestions, and upsells.

Moreover, ThriveCart lets you try various sales funnels to make sure you have the best strategy for each product each time. This is A/B testing. With this ThriveCart feature, you can test any part of your checkout page sales funnel and determine which is working for you the most.

Reporting And Analysis

Also, ThriveCart allows its users to extract valuable market details that can help them set the agenda for future sales. You can get access to accurate live metrics and business projections. This way, you can plan accordingly, preventing order canceling and refunds.

Using ThriveCart, you will also be able to target those who have left your cart, visited your store many times, or have a payment due. This is performed by utilizing pre-defined rules you have set. For example, you can analyze the number of clicks on a particular page or product, and place a strategic ad for the particular customer on your checkout page.

These pre-defined set of rules also helps you contact the customer via email, text, and notifications.

More so, you can also obtain the product performance report, get your estimated revenue daily, and manage customer subscriptions. With ThriveCart, it will essentially be easier for you to chase due payments, and analyze customer information like card expiration, most recent activity, and lifetime purchases, among many others.

ThriveCart's Third-Party Integrations

ThriveCart also has integrations to help you do more. It supports several platforms that you can use ThriveCart with, or, believe it or not, vice versa. Below is the list of its integrations with details.

Autoresponders And Email Marketing Platforms

Emails are, without a doubt, among the best ways to connect with your customers. ThriveCart supports several email marketing services to let you reach out to your buyers better, contact them about payments due, send them payment alerts, market more of your products to them, and so much more.

ThriveCart supports these top email marketing platforms:

Payment Services

From the perspective of your buyers, having them access as many payment options as possible increases your chances of closing down a sale. While ThriveCart supports the world's biggest payment processor, PayPal, there are more platforms ThriveCart accepts payments through. They include:

Subscription And Membership Services

If you are offering digital products, it is very important that you have a membership service. Aside from the platforms ThriveCart supports, you can use other membership services via Zapier. Here are the membership integrations ThriveCart supports:

Fulfillment Platforms

Meanwhile, if you are offering physical products that need shipping, you need a fulfillment platform. ThriveCart does not only integrate with popular fulfillment services like Shopify, but also with:

Notification And Sync Platforms

ThriveCart is also integrated with various notification and sync services, so you can document details on orders, cancellations, and more. With these integrations, you can also set notifications for new orders, delivery, and so on. Here are the notification and sync platforms ThriveCart is integrated with:

Do you ask about ThriveCart's alternatives? Samcart is the top alternative to ThriveCart. Samcart also has a wide range of promising features, challenging ThriveCart.

The ThriveCart Pricing

The ThriveCart Pricing

The pricing is also a ThriveCart feature that many users and reviewers love. While there is a one-time payment offer, there are two plans you can choose from: Standard and Pro. Both these plans have validity for a lifetime.

The ThriveCart Standard

You can purchase a standard plan at a one-time cost amounting USD 495. This pricing tier includes:

The ThriveCart Pro

Second is the pro plan. It is USD 690. Here are its features:

Popular Quora Questions About This Shopping Cart Platform And More


1. What is ThriveCart used for?

ThriveCart is a platform to sell products and services online with features like shopping carts, checkout pages, affiliate management, and analytics.

2. Is Thrive cart legit?

ThriveCart is a legitimate e-commerce platform, but it's always good to do research and check reviews before using it.

3. What does ThriveCart cost?

Thrive Cart offers one-time lifetime cost right now. They used to offer the recurring payment only, so it’s the perfect time to get the deal.

4. Is ThriveCart a website?

ThriveCart is a platform for online payments. It enables the creation of checkout pages for customers to make purchases.

5. How do you get paid from Thrivecart?

You get paid through ThriveCart by integrating it with a payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe. Payments made through the checkout pages are processed by the payment gateway and deposited into your account.

6. Is ThriveCart Really Worth It?

Is ThriveCart worth it? ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform that can let you grow your income from your existing traffic with the highest converting cart. This is perfect for every online business owner today. It has capabilities such as letting you:

With these features, it can be said that ThriveCart is worth your investment.

7. What Are Some Cheaper Alternatives To SamCart?

SamCart is a great tool for your e-Commerce business, but sometimes, it can be a little bit expensive. If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to SamCart, you may consider having ThriveCart. For the same price of three months of SamCart, you get a lifetime of ThriveCart, also with features that SamCart has.

ClickFunnels is the second alternative. It is not as cheap as ThriveCart, but it offers a free trial to let you test the platform before investing in it.

8. What Is An Alternative To SamCart?

ThriveCart is the best alternative to SamCart. ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform that offers tons of great features you will love. These include lifetime access (pay only once and never pay again -- use it as much as you want), a money-back guarantee, high-converting bump offers, more payment options, auto follow-up on abandoned carts, affiliate system, A/B testing, multi-step checkout pages, letting customers update their credit card details, and so much more.

This 2023, Enhance Your Shopping Cart Experience With ThriveCart: The Verdict

When you need to upsell your products as you sell digital products and more, you need to present your shopping cart using the right shopping cart platform. However, the quest for a great shopping cart platform does not happen overnight.

Online business owners, in their search for the right platform designed to help them succeed, are usually on the lookout for many features and new features as well. These features include the presence of an affordable monthly fee, an online course platform, cart and checkout features, a lifetime value or lifetime access, a way for course creation, and features that can help them obtain a high-converting cart. Features they are looking for also include embeddable carts, affiliate commissions, built-in affiliate marketing capabilities, an affordable monthly subscription, flexible pricing options, affiliate campaigns, course and membership, webinar integrations, the ability to embed your cart, a lifetime deal, and so much more.

When you need the best features for the shopping cart platform you are choosing, think ThriveCart. ThriveCart is the best in many ways. For one, ThriveCart works with any type of product. The ThriveCart team works hard so ThriveCart makes it possible for every business owner to succeed. It is among the best shopping cart platforms on the market right now because it is also a membership site and an affiliate platform or affiliate network platform. Not only that, but you can also see that ThriveCart integrates with many other platforms, such as its Zapier integrations that ThriveCart alternatives cannot offer. Aside from where you can manage affiliate networks, ThriveCart is also open for you to learn with the ThriveCart Learn feature.

In the world and language of e-Commerce, the checkout page is the last hurdle in the sales process. To conquer these challenges, you must have a stunningly designed page, together with a winning strategy so your customers will finish through your sales funnel.

ThriveCart offers all the things you need to reduce abandoned cart rates and boost your sales. It has the tools that will let your products and deals become irresistible for your prospects. It has a one-time fee that may be overwhelming for some, but the platform, once you avail of this, delivers what it promises -- all of them.

Also, in the beginning, you may find it difficult to analyze a considerable amount of data but after some time, the road ahead will be simpler. ThriveCart is ideal for medium- to large-scale businesses that also require market insights, sales and marketing reports, affiliate programs, and the like.

Our verdict? ThriveCart is a great platform you must try for your online business.

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