The Best Large Dog Bed For Your Furry Friend

What's the best large dog bed for your extra-large furry friend? We will find out in this article. Plus, there will also be a buyer's guide for the product.

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Like human beings, dogs also need to have good-quality sleep. So as a pet owner, you should be in search of a good dog bed. For owners of a giant dog, finding the right bed begins with knowing which features matter most to keep your giant furry friend always comfortable and well-rested.

So with this guide, we'll help you find a top-notch dog bed by first introducing you to today's best products. We will also lay down some groundwork, such as discussing what things you must look for, and more when finding that ideal bed for your big dog. Those who own smaller dogs may need to wait for a while, as this list is for those with sizable breeds.

What Is The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs?: Top 5 List

1. Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

The first on the list is this choice from Veehoo. Made from textiline mesh and powder-coated steel, and crafted of mesh fabric at the core, this bed allows air to flow better, keeping your furry friend cooler while they relax in the heat. The textiline fabric features heat resistance, breathability, and strength.

Easy to assemble, this bed is perfect for indoors, outdoors, during picnics with your pets, during camping, while training them, and so much more.

2. Love's cabin Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

This dog bed stays true to its brand, Love's cabin. Show your love for your furry friend with this choice.

This elevated dog bed lifts your doggy off wet and muddy grass, so they are kept clean and cool, especially during rainy or hot days.

Since it is elevated, air circulates underneath, providing a cooling environment for your furry friend. It is also made with recyclable, non-toxic, and durable teslin mesh that allows air to flow right through the material, making this perfect for both winter and summer seasons.

Very easy to assemble and very durable, this can ease the stresses on your pet's joints.

3. Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Dog Bed With Metal Frame

Looking for the best elevated dog bed? Look no further than at Amazon Basics. This elevated bed for your gigantic pets helps them feel cool and comfortable by promoting better airflow and reducing pressure on their joints. Plus, this Amazon Basics choice is also easy to clean.

4. Bedsure Large Elevated Cooling Outdoor Dog Bed

With this outdoor dog bed from Bedsure, you are certainly sure you are getting the best for your pet.

It features a well-built frame that offers stability and safe elevation for the bet, so your dog has a place to rest easy on.

Its durable sleeping surface provides the best comfort for your pets and resists rips from their claws.

This choice is also skid-resistant, protects your floors from scratches, and keeps the bed from sliding if your dog jumps on or off the bed.

Easy to clean, this is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

5. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Last but certainly not least on our list is this product from Coolaroo. It has fabric made of heavy-duty, breathable high-density polyethylene fabric that promotes and increases air flow on all the bed's sides, keeping your furry friends cool and comfortable all the time.

Its off-the-ground design helps eliminate hot spots and its fabric flexibility creates low-impact areas that relieve joint pains.

Easy to clean, this choice is very ideal for both home and travel.

You have just learned about the best outdoor dog bed for large breeds. This time, we take you to a detailed buyer's guide, so you are better informed about your purchase choices.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Large Dog Bed

Below are some of the biggest benefits of finding a suitable extra large dog bed for your giant pet.

Which Dogs Are Considered Extra Large?

If you are unsure if you need to buy an extra large dog bed or a smaller one, you have come to the right place. It helps to know what makes a dog big in the first place.

We're giving you a simple way to find out if your pooch qualifies as a giant dog breed. Simply answer the question, "Does your dog weigh over 100 pounds as an adult?"

That's it, basically. If the answer is "yes," you own a giant breed dog. If the answer is "no," then you may still own an extra-large dog if your furry friend is close to that weight range.

The Health Issues Of XXL Dogs: What To Know About These

As a pet owner, it is vital that you are aware that larger breeds, such as Bernese Mountain Dog or Newfoundland, and other similarly sized dog breeds are prone to particular health issues.

PetMD states, “It’s important to note that their size also makes them more prone to certain health concerns and gives them shorter lifespans. In fact, according to the 2013 Banfield State of Pet Health Report, giant dog breeds have an average lifespan of eight years versus 10.8 years for a medium-sized dog.”

Some of the health conditions PetMD discusses include elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, a cervical spine disease known as "wobbler syndrome," arthritis, and many other health problems that affect other body parts such as the eyes or heart.

Right now, you may be wondering why giant dogs tend to have these health conditions. Some of the reasons include them having more weight on their joints and organs, and them experiencing rapid growth spurts that lead to abnormalities.

The solution? Give your pup a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious, well-balanced diet, and regular exercise. Part of it is giving them the healthiest possible environment, such as buying them a bed that supports their heavy weight.

Bed For Big Dogs: Key Considerations For Buying An XXL Dog Bed

Now that you know about the health conditions that these bigger canines may face, you should also know the difference that the right dog bed can make. What features make for a good-quality bed for your furry friend? Let us go over a buyer's guide.

Now you know more about the health issues that these big canines may face. You also understand the difference that the right dog bed can make. But what features make for a high-quality bed for your pet? Let's go over the key buying considerations.


Take note that what your extra-large dog needs is a dog bed large enough to give them plenty of room to spread out and be comfortable. The best bed should also be firm enough to support their weight.

So the first step, you may already have guessed it, is measuring your dog. Measure their weight, then find out their length from the base of their tail to their nose. To get their width, measure between their shoulders.

Once you have those measures, add eight to 12 inches to them. You do not want your pal to feel cramped in their bed, so giving extra wiggle room is important.

Here is an alternate method to get your dog's measurements. To know your dog's height, multiply it by two. You can then multiply the dog's height separately by 2.5. This will provide you with two numbers forming a range.

So, if your dog is 25 inches tall, multiply that by two. So you have 50 inches. Multiplying 25 inches by 2.5 gives you 62.5 inches. Meaning, a bed in the 50- to 62.5-inch range would be the one that's right for your dog.

Durable Design

Understand that some giant dog breeds love to chew, and they really mean it. And any large dog can do a large amount of damage quickly. This is why another essential feature to look for in a big dog bed is durability.

Rugged materials, and high-quality, concealed stitching will help your dog bed withstand aggression, scratches, and chews over a long period.

Yes, we hear you. Such a bed may cost more, but the good news is, you will never need to replace it as soon. So, in the long run, these are also inexpensive options.

Easy To Clean

Giant dog breeds could make their bed dirty fast when they track in dirt and mud from the outside, when they shed, and when they make spills and accidents.

To save yourself from the stresses of cleaning such a big mess, choose a washable dog bed, or one that is easy to clean. You can easily spot them since they have a waterproof lining protecting the mattress, a machine-washable core, and the like.

Orthopedic Materials Plus Support

An orthopedic design is among the most crucial qualities to look for when buying a bed for giant dogs. You already have heard earlier that these dogs tend to develop joint and spine issues, and arthritis, just like how humans can.

Orthopedic designs can help humans, and these orthopedic materials can help dogs too.

Moreover, in some cases, you may also need to shop for a bed that has at least one bolster. Dogs suffering from neck issues can rest their heads here for more support, and their spine is more aligned.

Warmth Or Coolness

Depending on your weather and the dog breed you have, it is advisable that you buy a bed that can help the pet stay cool or warm.

Plus, you may even want to provide your dog with more options by buying a cooling dog bed where they can sprawl out in the open during the summer season, and curl up on a bolstered bed in the winter season.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Dogs can suffer from allergies too, and if yours does more often, make sure you buy them a hypoallergenic dog bed.

Is your dog brachycephalic? Pets with this nose shape tend to have a more difficult time breathing than other types. This hypoallergenic dog bed may be extra vital for this kind of dog.

Shape And Sleeping Habits

How does your furry friend sleep? Are they resting sprawled out on their side? Do they sleep on their stomach? And, where do they sleep often? In the open, or in an enclosed environment?

An informed buyer pays attention to the sleeping habits of their pet, and this is key to buying the right dog bed that matches their sleeping style. For instance, a donut shape suits a dog that often curls up to sleep, while a flat dog bed suits those that sprawl.

Price Range

The prices of extra large dog beds are wide-ranging. So, you must buy a dog bed that suits your budget but does not compromise on quality. You can find quality dog beds on either end of the spectrum, but remember, the cheapest beds are usually not the best, sometimes. Similarly, the most expensive ones are also not always the best value for your bucks.


Lastly, you should look for a warranty for the dog bed you are looking to purchase. This is very important if you are purchasing a premium giant dog bed. These beds are huge investments, so make sure they are protected with a warranty.

Answering Some Popular Questions On Quora

This time, let us head over to Quora to find some of the most popular questions about our topic. And we answer them.

1. How Do I Make A Cool Bed For A Dog In The Summer?

Providing a cool bed for your dog in the summer does not actually involve you making a bed, like a DIY construction. The easiest way is to look online for cooling dog beds that are perfect for the summer and other seasons as well.

2. Where Can I Purchase A Quality Dog Bed For My Large Golden Retriever?

Your Golden Retriever, like the other dog breeds you own and care for, also needs restful sleep, like what humans need. Therefore, providing them with a good-quality bed is the way to take. You can find a quality dog bed for this breed from online marketplaces like Amazon. You may also look at the official website stores of pet shops like Petco and Or, you can head over to the official websites of the brands that sell dog beds.

3. I Caught My Cat Peeing All Over My Recently Deceased Dogs Bed. It’s A Large Bed, She Was A Large Dog. How Do I Wash It Without Getting Cat Pee/Smell Everywhere And Without It Stinking Up My Washing Machine?

That's a very interesting question. You may wash your dog bed with laundry soap from the Thieves brand, or some washing soda or baking soda if you do not have this soap from that brand. The soap's essential oils will help offset the scent, and would really clean it well. Your washing soda, meanwhile, will help offset the acidity of the pee.

The Best Large Dog's Bed That Will Support Your Dog's Needs: Conclusion

No matter what large breed dog you own and care for, whether they are a Golden Retriever or Great Danes, it is important that you provide breeds like these with a pet bed that will pave the way for comfortable sleeping.

Believe it or not, large dog beds also come in various shapes and sizes, and many of these beds provide ultimate comfort, so as a pet parent, you should be able to choose the right bed for your pets. Moreover, dog beds are made of different materials and dog beds come with many various features based on the dog needs, such as beds made with features for joint support or providing support for their achy joints.

As one that's a buyer of large dog beds, it is normal that you first find out about the features of the bed for this dog's size. Some of the features that these products possess include having washable quality such as a machine-washable cover, memory foam, plush parts, removable cover, detailed washing instructions or care instructions, tear-resistant features, and so much more.

You may also choose particular types of beds, such as an orthopedic dog bed, a bolster dog bed or a bed with bolsters, and a memory foam dog bed or foam beds or those with supportive foam, among many others more.

Plus, you can even get perks and may earn privileges for every product you buy, and get free shipping on orders.

Furthermore, there are several brands where you can find the right bed for your dog that likes good-quality sleep, such as Big Barker beds, K9 Ballistics beds, Casper Dog Bed, Furhaven beds and those from PetFusion Ultimate, among others. With the right bed, your dogs won't get stressed anymore when they are resting. Any large dog would absolutely love any of the items you learned about earlier.

So those are basically about it for our 2022 list of the best dog beds for dogs of the larger size. Now you are more familiar with some of the best extra-large dog beds. Meaning to say, you are more than ready to select the right bed for your pet. Right now, you are more prepared to make your choice on the best overall dog bed. With this guide, you should already be able to choose a quality bed for your pets. These beds will provide your extra-large dog the additional support they need to protect their joints and promote restful sleep, so choose wisely.