StoryChief Review: What It Is, The Notable Features, And Benefits

StoryChief is a platform that will let you and your business write effective copies. It also finds media where you can publish your content.

StoryChief Review: What It Is, The Notable Features, And Benefits

StoryChief is one of the most widely preferred software in today’s market when it comes to producing not just the best, but the most effective copies for your business, attracting people and urging them to purchase your products and services. Here is the software review about StoryChief.


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Importance Of Effective Copy For Your Business

Effective copy does not happen overnight. This refers to writing that is able to convert new customers into buying customers, should you be utilizing your copy for business purposes. Sure, you can produce the copy within a few hours. But, the process by which it can attract people and urge them to take action, such as purchasing your products, services and offers, usually takes time.

Manually, you will be required to look for leads and where to send or post the copy after writing it. You may commit your time to emailing individuals and businesses who might be willing to publish the copy or the article. There are times when you need to edit and revise the copy for several hours or even several days only to make sure it is not only written well, but also can convert new customers into buying customers. In other words, everything about this aspect is stressful.

However, ensuring you have the greatest and the most effective articles for your business is a must. The copy is like an ingredient you should not miss in your recipe, because you will not be able to get to the final product without it.

Advantages Of Great Copy

Copywriting or good copy is important because this can drive profitability. With good copy, your business earns a favorable Return on investment or ROI. It is able to help achieve your business’ goals through convincing your target customer that your products will provide solutions to what they need, as well as offer them with great value.

Among the advantages of getting your business with a good copy are ensuring it is based on your niche, reinforcing your branding, providing you with value-driven content, and keeping the audience in mind. In these ways, you will be able to reach out to more customers with good copy.

From Point A To Point B: Utilizing Software

Yet, you need to get from point A to point B. It takes time and resources to produce the perfect copy. But that does not mean you have to spend so much time giving your business the best copy it deserves.

Did you know there are platforms that will help you produce good and effective copies? These software will also enable you to save time and money looking for other platforms where you can spread the word out, because you can do it automatically. One of these platforms is StoryChief. In this detailed software review, you will get to know what StoryChief is, its noteworthy features, and why it is the best tool out there for copywriters. Are you excited to know about StoryChief?

StoryChief: Overview

StoryChief is regarded as a complete content marketing solution for your business. It is specifically built for business-to-business or B2B marketing teams and content agencies. StoryChief has the capability to let you focus on expanding your business with the help of content marketing.

Not only these, this platform will also centralize and distribute your articles and social media content. When these happen, you can grow your audience and generate more leads.

StoryChief will usher your business to getting 10 times more leads by working with its multi-channel approach in the most efficient way possible. Through this, you can save an estimated six hours of time on collaboration, approvals, and distribution of your content. Think about hiring a big media company for your content marketing. This is what generally StoryChief does. With these, you can reach 80 percent more engagement and internal motivation for creating high-quality content.

Before we head over to the discussion of the features of StoryChief, let us take a look at the pros and cons of the software. These details should help you decide whether StoryChief is right for your needs.




StoryChief Features

Multi-Channel Marketing

One of the most stunning features of StoryChief is multi-channel marketing. With this, you can distribute your content across all channels. Plus, you can make sure your audience engages with your content regardless of where they are. Using this feature, you can save time distributing your content to the appropriate channels. End the necessity of manually preparing your content for publication across various channels. With StoryChief, you can simply select which features you would like your content to get published.

Content Collaboration

You will never want to miss out on hearing the opinion of your team members when producing your content, right? With this StoryChief feature, you can work together on content in one place. Let several people work together in creating the best content for your organization. Access the content collaboration workspace anytime.

Content Calendar

Aside from the multi-channel marketing and content collaboration features, StoryChief also has a content calendar to let you keep track of everything you do. From idea generation to publication, you can get a vivid overview not just of your content, but your social media as well. With this, you can plan your content and social media content well, improve your content workflow, and analyze the success of your campaigns.

SEO Copywriting

With StoryChief, you never have to use another software only to ensure you follow the best practices in search engine optimization for your content. With this feature, StoryChief claims it can increase your Google ranking by 300 percent. Sounds great? The software has a real-time SEO assistant, offers distraction-free writing, and tools that will let you measure and improve your content’s performance.

Analytics And Reporting

Several software offers analytics and reporting features which you will need to keep track of your work. How do they do it at StoryChief? With this feature, you can get actionable insights from your content. With this analytics feature, you can grow your reach, engagement, and sales. What are the other features at StoryChief? Keep on reading!

Social Media Management

StoryChief is beyond merely offering a platform for content creation and SEO. It is also the perfect tool for social media management. Be able to publish your content to all social media channels with just a few clicks. You can also schedule your posts and updates, and analyze the success of your campaigns.

Employee Advocacy

What is this StoryChief feature all about? Well, this feature allows you to share your content with your employees and their network without having a hard time. With this, you can give your employees a simple way to amplify your brand’s reach by sharing curated content across their social networks. You can take your engagement to a whole new level, and align your brand messaging appropriately.

Content Data Management

The days of spending so much time searching for content you remember from the past are over. With the content data management system of StoryChief, you can find the content you are looking for in no time. With this feature, you can also know the impact of your content, keep up with team deadlines, and so much more.


Now this is a very interesting one. Create a beautiful home for your brand that grows demand and interest in your products and services. This feature is also customizable without needing IT support.


Benefits Of Using StoryChief

Here are the benefits of using StoryChief.

1. Be Able To Produce SEO Content

StoryChief is a content creation platform and SEO tool rolled into one. Optimize your posts right from when you start writing. It offers suggestions on the length of text, positioning of keywords, links, images, and more. You can turn off this feature if you prefer to.

2. Manage Your Social Media

To be an effective digital marketer, you should have these tools: SEO, email, and social media. StoryChief allows you to create your post, and choose the channel where you want to publish your post. With emails connected to StoryChief, you can send notifications for your posts to your customers, plus more.

3. Manage Your Content

StoryChief provides you with an organized library of your content. It is easier to search for previous content and edit them. Plus, the software also allows you to track your leads, making your tasks a whole lot easier.

4. Publish Content

With StoryChief, you do not have to use multiple platforms only to publish your content across various channels. Save time. You may also post your content across your personal websites, and so much more.

5. Create Campaigns Successfully

Never have to spend so much time creating successful campaigns. StoryChief offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to begin and manage campaigns. You can also set up your campaign calendar.

6. Bonus: A Free Blogging Platform

Here is a bonus benefit from StoryChief. Get a free blogging platform that offers a wide range of features, including insights about keywords, featured searches, shout-out to authors, blog enhancements, real-time SEO scores, and connecting with leads.

Providing great copy for your business for the benefit of your customers takes a lot of time and resources. However, this does not mean you have to go through this lengthy process only to produce good articles for your business. Let StoryChief take over. StoryChief is your ultimate solution not only for helping you produce quality and effective content. It also is the way for you to save so much time looking for platforms where you can publish your content. Truly, StoryChief is your complete marketing solution.

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