Storelax Review: One Of The Best Online Shopping Websites Where You Can Sell Both Physical And Digital Products

Selling your products online shouldn’t be complicated. Meet Storelax, a platform and store where you can sell physical and digital products, plus more!

Storelax Review: One Of The Best Online Shopping Websites Where You Can Sell Both Physical And Digital Products cover

Storelax is a promising platform when you want to sell both physical and digital products online. In this article, we will take a look at this software, plus you will also learn how online selling is beneficial.

Are you thinking about becoming an online seller? Whether you like it or not, the reality today is that online sales are growing every year, and if you are interested in earning more income from online sources, you are going to have to sell something in most cases.

From online shopping being more convenient to reaching out to customers anywhere they are around the world, the benefits of online selling are very evident. However, succeeding in online selling is not overnight. You will have to make the effort to ensure that everything works according to how you want it. Yes, there are challenges.

And one of the challenges when it comes to online selling is finding a platform where you can sell your products. Do you want to sell both physical and digital products? Those without the knowledge of the right tools to use yield to using several third-party plugins and learning how to code. And this usually takes time. We are going to end this dilemma right now.

There is actually a platform where you can sell both physical and digital products without jumping from one platform to another.

Meet Storelax, one of the best online shopping websites where you can sell your physical products, digital products, license keys, audio files, video files, and so much more. Let’s get to know Storelax a little bit better.


What Is Storelax All About?

Storelax is a platform and store where you can sell your digital products, physical products, licenses, and so much more without having to jump from one platform to the next. While selling physical products online is easier, things become complicated when you need and want to sell digital products. Usually, without the right tools, third-party plugins and coding are required, which usually take time. But not when you have Storelax.

“Your brand is your identity. That's why we created a store where you can sell t-shirts and software both from the same place and at the same time,” says Storelax on its official website.

With Storelax, you can have your online shop production ready within minutes. Simply specify the type of your product, for instance, physical product or digital product. Then, add your product, and voila, see them live in your store.

Not only those, but Storelax, unlike other eCommerce tools, also provides its users with the true white-label front-end and back-end, so you can still show your branding on your way to making more sales. Isn’t that fantastic?

Plus, a user can simply download the digital item once the purchase is made. Meaning, there will be no manual sending of files to users. Save time and save on costs.

Storelax is perfect for eCommerce business owners, Software as a Service, and web designers.

Price Of Storelax

We noticed that the price of Storelax is very affordable. The pricing plans are designed for all types of businesses.

You can choose to pay Monthly, Yearly, or One-Time. For the Monthly option, there is the Standard Plan at $29 per month, and the Premium Plan at $49 per month. The Premium Plan is the most popular.

For the Yearly option, the Standard Plan at $290 per year, while the Premium Plan is at $490 per year.

For the One-Time option, you got the Standard Plan at $250, and the Premium Plan at $350.

With the Standard Plan, you get to sell physical and digital products, custom domain, unlimited staff members, roles and permissions, and the Storelax branding is not present, so you can really own it.

The Premium Plan has everything from the Standard Plan, plus the ability to enable a multi-vendor system, set up vendor membership plans, set up vendor commission, manage blogs, access custom CSS and JavaScript code, and this plan is complete with white-label admin account.

Now that you have learned what Storelax is about, and for sure, you were amazed by it, we are also going to present a bonus content, tackling the many benefits of selling products online. Continue reading.

The Many Benefits Of Selling Products Online

1. Create Awareness With Your Brand

Majority of customers in today’s modern world search for products and services online, before they even decide what to buy and where to purchase them.

With a strong online presence, you allow your potential customers to find your store and go through your products as they search. These consumers who find your store while they search have a higher chance of becoming your customers.

2. Distinct Brand Strategy

You never know how branding can catapult your eCommerce business to success. All online stores, regardless of their niche, benefit greatly from a strong brand strategy.

Being able to personalize and customize your brand identity is one of the major benefits of launching an online store. Branding your online store might seem trivial, but creating a solid online presence for your brand is key to selling successfully online.

3. Sell Online 24/7

Brick-and-mortar or the traditional stores have their opening and closing hours. The staff need to take a break and rest before starting another day at the store. Selling online is different. You can sell and earn 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ability to keep selling is one of the most advantageous features of running an eCommerce business. Once you launch your online store, it never has to close for the customers. You also do not need to think about the costs of paying staff, since you do not need any or that much staff to manage online transactions that happen round-the-clock.

Your online store can be open to your buyers 24/7 without having the need to place staff or to require them to work the graveyard shift. This means your potential customers can purchase from you at any hour of the day without any hindrance.

By offering this option, you can reach out to more customers from across the world, customers who prefer shopping from their comfy beds and during odd hours after completing their work.

4. Wider Customer Network

Unlike any other way of selling goods and services, online selling considers the world as your audience, literally. The globe is your market and therefore, the chances of visibility for your store, along with its products and services, are incredibly high.

With the endless growth opportunities in the world of online selling, which are different from any other selling model, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to sell their products online.

5. Convenient And Flexible Payment Options

Accepting payments online is more efficient and convenient than other methods of payment. Transferring funds using online methods is simpler and faster than traditional ways which are usually time-consuming and complicated.

Furthermore, these online payment methods allow your customers to pay no matter where they are in the world, without the need to go to the bank to fulfill this process. Additionally, the funds can be transferred at literally any hour of the day without any limitations.

Customers can also choose from various payment options. And, setting up online payments for your customers is extremely easy.

Quora Questions Answered

How Do Online Sellers Search For Their Suppliers Around The Globe (Especially Alibaba)? How Much Time Do They Spend On This Before They Start Selling Their Products Online?

Suppliers are among the things you need to know if you intend to venture out on online selling. To find suppliers, online sellers usually follow these steps: Finding eCommerce suppliers online, sourcing backup product suppliers, looking for local shops without an eCommerce store, looking into international eCommerce store suppliers, taking note of common questions to ask during supplier conversations, understanding how dropshipping works, and requesting quotes and products samples. As for the time they spend on this before they start selling their products online, it actually depends on the particular needs of the online seller.

What Is The Most Effective Way Of Selling Your Unwanted Stuff Online? What Has Worked Better For You Personally And Why?

We understand the need for you to sell your unwanted stuff online, especially seeing the huge potential of finding customers in the virtual space. And all things are possible right here.

If you want to sell your unwanted stuff online, you can check out these platforms:

Here are tips to effectively sell your unwanted stuff online. First, you need a camera to take photos of your products. This is important since everything here happens online, and customers need to at least see how your products look like. Second, take measurements and relay the product dimensions. Third, describe the product in vivid detail. Include them in your product description. Fourth, disclose even the smallest flaws when selling unwanted items online. Fifth, utilize search engine keywords so customers can find your products. Sixth, pack your items robustly and add some love. Finally, provide a discount to return customers.

Personally, everything you learned about above has worked, and this is because we find it effective considering the results we got. You should try following these tips too.

What Is The Best Platform For Selling Furniture, Mattresses, And Sleep Accessories Online Directly To Consumers In The USA?

You can either sell furniture, mattresses and sleep accessories to platforms specific for these products, such as Blueport. Or, you can sell them alongside other items at Storelax. Storelax is a platform that does not only allow you to sell physical products but also digital products. It is very easy to use.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Opening An Online Shop Selling Shirts And T-Shirts As A Side Hustle? What Kind Of Profit Margin Can Be Expected From This Type Of Business?

One of the most effective ways to sell shirts online, whether a full-time gig or a side hustle is venturing into print-on-demand business.

Here are its pros: easy to setup, there is minimal inventory so you do not need to worry about packaging or shipping, there is less technical and logistic responsibility so you can focus your talents, it is easy to build your brand and increase brand recognition, and you do not need to invest in machinery or stock.

Here are its cons: lower profit margins, a lack of data on your end, you cannot guarantee quality, you depend on your print-on-demand partner for products and materials, and order fulfillment takes more time.

As for the profit margin, a gross profit margin of 40 to 60 percent will give you a net profit of around 12 to 15 percent on average after you subtract your expenses. However, the markup will vary from product to product. For instance, t-shirts with trending designs can sell at a high price. But the less popular ones may need to be sold at discounted rates.

What Are Some Easy Ways To Get Started With Online Selling?

You can follow these steps when you want to get started with online selling. First, name your business and your domain. Second, choose a platform where you will sell your goods. Third, decide on your payment methods. Fourth, figure out the shipping. Fifth, promote your online store.

Final Verdict

Obviously, there are several advantages of selling online, and the capability to control every facet and angle of your online business is crucial to success in the long term. If you really want to succeed in online selling, you must have the right tools. These tools are going to be with you every step of the way.

Storelax is a software and one of the best online shopping websites where you can sell your physical products, digital products, and licenses without moving from one platform to the next. With Storelax, you can literally launch your store within two minutes. No coding will ever be required. How about that? We strongly recommended that you try using this tool.

Finally decided to venture into online selling? Overall, remember this tip: sell where your customers are. In today’s setup where many people are shopping online, one of the ways to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity is to provide for them and sell online. Onwards to success.

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