Sound The Alarm: Why You Need A Self Defense Siren

I recently purchased the iARTidea Self Defense Siren keychain and I'm so glad that I did! This little device is very lightweight and is easy to carry around. The alarm sound is loud enough to scare away any unwanted attention, and the flashlight allows me to see in dark areas. It's a great tool for personal safety, and I highly recommend it.

Sound The Alarm: Why You Need A Self Defense Siren cover

Life is like a box of chocolates. It is filled with surprises, both good and bad. The bad ones include unexpected circumstances that can happen to us, such as emergencies. Emergencies can happen at any given moment. When met with them, unfortunately, many people are traumatized from the shock of an attack and are too scared to ask for help. Say goodbye to this dilemma now with a self defense siren.

A self defense siren is a handy tool that releases a very loud sound that attracts people nearby, and also emits a light when you need this function, perfect when you want to protect yourself such as when you are outdoors. In this article, we will tackle the many benefits of this tool. Why should you have a self defense siren?

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The Personal Security Alarm: The Benefits Of Having A Self Defense Siren, Keychain, And Personal Alarm

Nowadays, the surroundings are dangerous more than ever. Thus, you need to consider increasing the level of security, whether at home, in the workplace, or outdoors. Have you ever heard of the personal security alarm? This is one of the things you need to provide you with protection. What are the benefits of owning this tool?

1. The Personal Safety Alarm Is Crime Deterrent

First and foremost, a personal security alarm is capable of deterring crime. For instance, some homes do not have very sturdy windows. Burglars and criminals can easily break in. But not when you have a self defense siren.

With a personal alarm by your side, you can simply press its button and it will sound loudly that it will shock the intruder. With you distracting the criminal, you will have more time, buying you options.

The high-decibel noise from this alarm can also alert the other people in your home. Or, in case you are home alone, the sound is loud enough to alert your neighbors.

2. It Protects You While You Are Outdoors

Do you frequently walk alone in the evening as you travel home? Or do you jog around your neighborhood alone at night in the hopes to burn some calories? Don't forget to bring the personal security alarm.

The alarms are small enough that they are easy to carry. Whenever you see an attacker or a potential attacker heading toward you, you can simply pull off the alarm and press the button.

Its noise will confuse the assailant and call the attention of people, even police and authorities, especially if they are nearby.

3. Self Defense Siren Is Affordable

Installing a comprehensive home alarm system is very effective. But, not to discourage you, they can also get very expensive. Home security installations can cost you somewhere from $300 to $2,500. Of course, this still depends on how comprehensive the level of security they offer. A personal security alarm is your more affordable choice. Believe it or not, you can get a reliable personal alarm for as low as around $12.

Be sure you choose the alarm that best suits your preferences. Many personal alarms on the market today come in various forms and sizes. Some even cater to a specific market, like women and the elderly.

So, considering the huge costs of having a home alarm system nowadays, it is a practical choice to start small with personal alarms. But that should not stop you from investing in a complete home protection system.

4. It Goes Beyond Beyond Preventing Theft

Moreover, interestingly enough, the personal alarm does beyond just fending off burglars and attackers. These personal alarms can also help senior citizens. The elderly, particularly those who have problems with mobility, can benefit from a personal alarm.

Here's how it works. In moments when your elderly are left alone at home, they can push the alarm's button when they need attention in case of emergencies. The sound the alarm releases will notify neighbors to immediately come over to check on them.

Plus, many personal alarms on the market right now even come with additional features. There are alarms that can dial pre-set emergency numbers. With just a simple press of a button, your elderly loved one can call for immediate assistance.

5. It Is Easy To Use And Functions Without Interruptions

Compared with some household and apartment alarm systems, personal security alarms work on batteries. It means it can function with no interruption even if there is an electrical outage.

This function protects you from predators who take advantage of unfortunate situations like blackouts when they attack. With a personal alarm with you, you can call for help in case somebody breaks in your home.

You can also use the personal alarm beyond deterring crimes, such as when you are trapped in your house during severe flooding or earthquakes. During these times, commonly, electricity is cut, so these types of alarms are beneficial because they are battery-operated.

With your personal alarm, you can create a noticeable noise and call the attention of rescuers. These alarms can also run for extended periods of time. You can expect them to keep working until the rescuers are with you.

6. It Gives You Flexibility

If you own a home alarm system and it is not the wireless type, you will appreciate the flexibility of the personal security alarm. Aside from its independence from electrical connections, you can bring it with you anywhere you wish.

These alarms are compact, portable, and lightweight. You can clip it on your belt if you do not want to carry them in your hand. And since these things are tiny, you can easily put them inside your bag or pocket.

You can also find personal alarms around with more features, such as a clock, a backlight, a pedometer, and a calorie counter.

Choose From These Best Personal Safety Alarms From iARTidea: Features Include Siren With LED, 130 dB Loud Sound, And More

Personal safety alarms are suitable for everybody. They let you get the help you need quickly, and are commonly used when physically threatened or feeling unsafety. This safety keychain and self defense alarm is also used by seniors to call for help in case of falls, medical emergencies, allergic reactions that need attention, and accidents. It is also great for women who need to protect themselves better.

Plus, you can give these as gifts to people who you know work late at night. It is a wonderful defense and safety keychain for everyone.

It is your personal safety device. For one, it is the perfect personal alarms for women who need protection from rape and related emergencies. Kids can also use them when they need to protect themselves from kidnappings and abductions.

These personal safety devices for women, elderly, and children are the most effective defense. Many of these items on the market are equipped with high-intensity LED lights, extremely loud reaching a thousand feet away, have military-grade durability, weatherproof , and have excellent battery life.

They are very easy to use. A self defense siren easily attaches to keys, purses, backpacks or belts. This 24/7 emergency safety defense alarm is small and discreet, water-resistant, and recommended by police.

Without further ado, here are three great self defense sirens you can find on the market today.

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1. Personal Alarm Keychain Kit

This self defense alarm keychain kit from iARTidea is complete with everything you need to defend yourself against all kinds of threats, anytime and anywhere you go. It comes with a 130 dB loud sound to draw the attention of people nearby. Plus, there's an LED light you can use when walking along dark paths, or searching for things in your bag.

Never have to worry about upcoming threats when you are outdoors with this keychain. Simply pull it from your bag, purse, or pocket; activate the alarm; and push to stop.

Use its emergency flashlight to illuminate dark areas, whether it is about opening the door with your keys, searching for your belongings, or lighting up your path.

self defense siren

2. Rechargeable Personal Alarm Keychain

The world is turning more dangerous than ever, so it is just right that you own this 130dB personal alarm siren. It is small and compact, easy to carry around and keep, but bright enough to be a device that startles attackers and alerts others when met with emergency situations. Stay safe with this personal alarm.

This self defense siren from iARTidea comes with a USB Type-C charger cable, so yes, this keychain is rechargeable. No need to repeatedly purchase batteries. It will fully charge in an hour, and afterward, you can use this and get up to an hour of continuous alarm with the flashlight, and about a year in standby mode. No need to worry about the alarm running out of power.

Plus, kids can also use this. This alarm with flashing light works with just a simple press of the button. One push on the button powers the flashlight, and another press triggers the flash mode.

self defense siren

3. 140 dB Personal Safety Alarm Keychain

Are you in search of an easy and inconspicuous way to protect yourself from threats from the outside world? Now, the seemingly endless search will come to a close with this personal alarm keychain. Simply attach it to your keyring and you will have peace of mind anywhere you go.

This alarm produces a louder sound than most brands do, at 140 dB that alerts those nearby to help you out. Plus, it is equipped with an LED light for low-light visibility, and has a USB rechargeable battery.

It also looks great with its sleek black design. Don't risk your safety. Grab this personal alarm keychain right now!

Now That You've Learned About The Self Defense Alarm, Let's Answer Some Popular Questions From Google

You've learned about the reasons why you should own a self-defense siren and personal alarm keychain. Aside from being recommended by police, these loud personal alarms will save you from life's unexpected circumstances. This time, let's answer some questions from Google about this effective personal alarm.

Do Self Defense Sirens Work?

Yes, they do. Personal defense alarms can provide an extra layer of safety when warding off attackers and summoning help whenever you need it. They function as a certain type of security system for your body, and they can be highly effective when keeping you safe all the time.

What Is The Best Self Defense Siren?

We recommend that you purchase the self defense sirens from iARTidea. They offer various items of this kind on the market. Some of them come with a 140 dB loud sound, louder than what other brands provide, and some of them are also rechargeable, so no need to repeatedly buy batteries.

What Does A Self Defense Alarm Do?

Self defense alarms emit an ear-piercing sound when activated so they can deter attackers and alert people nearby. These personal attack alarms may also sometimes include flashing lights, a torch, or spray.

Can Personal Alarms Damage Hearing?

We understand this concern since personal safety alarms release a very loud sound. Its 130 to 140 dB are the maximum sound emission levels for personal alarms. Anything more than these can already cause permanent hearing damage.

Should I Carry A Personal Alarm?

Yes, you should. Having this will make you feel safer especially when outdoors, and they also are capable of attracting the attention of people nearby.

Self Defense Siren And Personal Alarm For Women, The Elderly, And Everyone

You have learned that the benefits of owning a personal alarm are endless. These are essential for women who need to protect themselves from threats. They are also essential for the elderly who live alone. Aside from calling people around for response and help, personal alarms have been there to help the elderly retain their independence in their own residences while still maintaining their well-being. These alarms also bring peace of mind for both their users, and their families and friends.

However, you should not depend it all to these personal alarms. You should still be responsible and take other precautions to ensure that emergencies and accidents do not happen, and guarantee that these alarms will keep doing their job. There's no time to waste. Add the self defense siren to your cart now.

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