ShortPixel: A WordPress Plugin For Image Optimization And Compression

Running out of space on Google Drive? No worries. ShortPixel is here, feeding your workaholic self, and riding with the demands of your business.

ShortPixel is a software designed for you to store as many files as you want on Google Drive, especially images, providing for every demand, no matter how big, that you business may have. Just when you thought cloud storage is perfect and does all the magic, think again. There are times you may also run out of space when using cloud storage options like Google Drive.


Image Optimization Tool For Websites And Google Drive

One of the last things you want to happen when managing files whether for your business or individual needs is to run out of space when storing these files in platforms like Google Drive. Google Drive is a great tool, there is no doubt about that. In fact, Google Drive provides a lot of advantages for various purposes.

These benefits include Google Drive’s easy-to-use interface, compatibility with Microsoft Office, and capability to let the user share their files using a custom link. More advantages include storing videos, PDFs, presentations, and photos; SSL encryption; presence of apps and templates giving users a multitude of options; and providing their users with access to their files anywhere they are in the world. Google Drive is promising. Cloud solutions are promising.

However, like many other things, there are limits to when you are using cloud solutions like this. One of these is running out of space. Storing files in the cloud and suddenly running out of space is a thing you never want to happen. But at the same time, if this is bound to happen, it will happen. Likewise, you never want to simply delete the files only to give way for available space.

With several of your documents, files, and images, plus so much more, in the cloud storage, you might decide upon deleting things only to make space for new stuff. Wait up right there. What if we tell you that you never have to? Meet ShortPixel.

Get To Know More About ShortPixel

ShortPixel is a tool that helps you stay under data limits and avoid spending extra cash for more space in the cloud storage, so you can keep as many files you want without worrying about running out of space. ShortPixel also helps you compress images used in your website so it remains loading quickly. In this section, we will get to know more about ShortPixel.

ShortPixel pertains to an advanced image optimization software developed in order for businesses improve their website performance through resizing, compressing, and serving images. With ShortPixel, users can optimize their photos to make them smaller without changing the quality of their visuals.

The services provided by ShortPixel are based on the Software as a Service or SaaS model, where image optimization features are provided through APIs from your cloud.

The image processed by the algorithm of ShortPixel is a miniature optimized image. If you still care about Google Insights, but think that a slight loss of page speed might compromise the quality of your images, you can use the glossy feature of ShortPixel.

The brand offers three algorithms you can deal with. These are glossy, smooth, and lossless. Lossless optimized images have the same pixel-for-pixel as the original images but less size reduction than glossy files.

There are free packages and services at affordable prices at ShortPixels, so they will always find the features that suit their needs the most.

Aside from this feature, ShortPixel is also a Google Drive Optimizer that has the capability to reduce the amount of space your images and PDF files occupy on your cloud drive.

Features Of ShortPixel

What are the features you can take advantage of when using ShortPixel? Here is the rundown.

1. WebP Conversion

This WebP conversion feature of ShortPixel ensures that you do not lose the quality of your image. This feature is part of the platform’s free offering.

2. Image Compression Beyond WordPress

Meanwhile, this feature optimizes and compresses the images you have. This plugin supports various image file types, including GIF, JPG, PNG, and WebP.

3. PDF Compression

This feature offers support for PDF files. Similar to what the software does for images, it allows users to compress and optimize their PDF files. With this, you can significantly reduce the size of your PDF files without changing the quality of the images.

4. Automatic Optimization Upon Upload

With this feature, you can have your images get automatically optimized according to your personalized settings.

5. Full Images And Thumbnails Optimization

ShortPixel also has the capability to let users optimize the actual image and compress any additional size that WordPress creates automatically.

6. Image Optimization Outside The Media Library

If in case you stored the images in a place other than your media library, ShortPixel will do the heavy lifting for you. Simply enter the location or folder where you want to store the images, and the tool will optimize them for you.

7. Bulk Image Resizing

This feature of ShortPixel works with just a click of a button, ensuring that all your original images are being backed up. This will help you a lot when you need to retrieve these files.

8. Visual Image Comparison

ShortPixel also has an image compression tool wherein, you can place the images before and compress them side-by-side to see which image has better quality.

ShortPixel Pros And Cons

After learning the features of ShortPixel, we dig deeper down into the discussion to help you decide whether ShortPixel is the right platform for your needs. Is ShortPixel what you are looking for? Here are the pros and the cons.



How To Use ShortPixel

One of the disadvantages that those who have used ShortPixel before have noted is the way its setup may be complicated for beginners. This is why we have created this section to provide information on how you can use ShortPixel so you avoid the hassles.

Step 1: Install ShortPixel

Head over to your WordPress admin area then click Plugins then click Add New. Type “ShortPixel Image Optimizer” in the search field to look for the plugin. Afterward, click Install Now on the ShortPixel Image Optimize box. After installation, this will change to Activate. Click on this.

Step 2: Add Your API Key

Configure the plugin with an API pin from the dashboard so the optimization process will work well. Log in to your account in ShortPixel, and go to the API key menu to copy-paste the “API_KEY.” Then, head over to Settings then ShortPixel to add the copied API key. Lastly, press the Save Settings and validate button.

Step 3: Start Optimizing Your Images

Go to Settings and set things according to your preferences. Once done, all your next uploads will be optimized. To optimize images that are there before downloading ShortPixel, head over to Media then Bulk ShortPixel. After this, be sure to clear the cache of your site.

How To Use ShortPixel’s Google Drive Optimizer

This time, we will tackle the steps when using the Google Drive Optimizer of ShortPixel.

Step 1

Create your account with ShortPixel. It is very easy to do this and this already includes a free plan of 100 credits per month. If you already have an account, Login.

Step 2

Select “Google Drive” from the menu.

Step 3

Allow the ShortPixel Google Drive app to access your Google Drive files and folders.

Step 4

Click on the three-dotted menu of the folder you want to optimize. Then, choose the right optimization options based on your needs, and start optimizing.

ShortPixel Pricing And Discounts

The pricing of ShortPixel is categorized according to its features: the ShortPixel Image Optimizer, the ShortPixel Adaptive Images, and the ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

For the ShortPixel Image Optimizer, there are monthly plans and plans for one-time images. For the monthly plans, there is an option to get two months free. Under this option, there are:

Without the two months free, the choices are:

There is also the option for one-time images, wherein the choices are:

ShortPixel Adaptive Images

For the ShortPixel Adaptive Images, there are also monthly plans and plans for one-time images. For the monthly plans, there is an option to get two months free. Under this option, there are:

Without the two months free, your choices are:

There is also the one-time option, wherein your choices are:

ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer

For the ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer, there are also monthly plans and plans for one-time credits. For the monthly plans, there is an option to get two months free. Under this option, there are:

Without the two months free, your choices are:

There is also the one-time credits option, wherein your choices are:

Get discounts! When you purchase via AppSumo, you can grab the best deals for ShortPixel. The Single option is at a one-time purchase of $59 from $1,609. The Double option is a one-time purchase of $118 from $1,709. The Multiple option is at a one-time purchase of $177 from $1,809. For more information about the included features, visit this link.

The Verdict

There are businesses that inevitably utilize a lot of images that the places where business owners store these files, such as in Google Drive, may seemingly be insufficient. At the same time, you never want to just delete these images, for one, since you are using them. Luckily, you have software and WordPress plugins like ShortPixel that can provide you with image optimization and compression solutions, plus API. With the comprehensive discussion above on what ShortPixel is, including its features and pricing, you have a better idea of what this plugin is all about. Should you have this plugin in your collection? For us, it is a resounding yes. Own yours now.