Safety And Security: Everything You Need To Know About Personal Safety And Rape Alarms

To protect yourself from panic and rape attack, and to provide yourself with security and safety, shop for a personal security and rape alarm keychain.

Safety And Security: Everything You Need To Know About Personal Safety And Rape Alarms cover

Rape is a serious and often controversial topic to discuss. But it is important to be aware and talk about it, and one of the reasons is that the number of people falling victim to rape is on an upward turn.

According to RAINN or the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the United States, one out of six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. On the surface, the figures may look insignificant, but they are actually very alarming.

Encyclopedia Britannica defines rape as an "unlawful sexual activity, most often involving sexual intercourse, against the will of the victim..."

But know this: you can prevent falling victim to rape and other forms of personal attacks. Sometimes, you really do not have to think harder, and the solutions are right there at your fingertips.

Have you ever heard of rape alarms or anti-rape alarms? These tiny devices can protect you in a big way, more than how you can possibly imagine. In this article, we are going to delve deeper into these stuff.

Are Rape And Personal Attack Alarms Effective?

Can a safety alarm protect you against attackers? Read on as we compare the effectiveness of traditional and monitored personal attack alarms.

The Personal Attack Alarm Defined

Rape and personal attack alarms, also known as panic alarms, due to their proliferation in today's market too, come in various forms with different functionalities and effectiveness.

A traditional personal attack alarm emits a loud, ear-piercing sound when activated, with the aim to deter an attacker. These personal attack alarms often also include a torch, flashing lights, or spray.

Some brands that sell these alarms use the term "rape alarm," as these tools can also be used in the event of sexual assault. However, generally, they have the same purpose: the draw attention to the attack and scare off the attacker.

Then, there is also the monitored personal attack alarm. This type does not depend on a loud sound to scare an assailant. Rather, it relies on complete discretion wherein the authorities are alerted into the incident without making the attacker aware.

As you read further, we compare the effectiveness of traditional and monitored personal attack alarms, particularly in relation to lone worker use, and individuals working in high-risk roles and areas, such as attacks on US and UK lone workers. Lone workers are victims, and they are attacked everyday.

Do Traditional Personal Alarms Scare Attackers?

The effectiveness of traditional personal attack alarms has been a hot topic in debates, especially in the media.

A traditional safety alarm may deter an attack, but this is very much dependent on the individual scenario, whether there are other people nearby to help you, and the location of the attack.

Generally, an assailant will never want to draw attention, so a very loud sound from these alarms has the potential to scare them off, providing the chance for the victim to escape. However, this cannot be guaranteed, so there are things you must know when you are using a traditional personal attack alarm. Here they are.

If you want to make your traditional safety alarm effective, make sure you choose and buy the loudest personal attack alarm available which has the best sound that is distinctive and is waterproof.

The Other Option: Monitored Personal Attack Alarms

A user of a monitored personal attack alarm can raise a "red alert" at a push of a button, also without making the assailant aware.

Unbeknownst to the assailant, these alarms usually alert authorities as they listen in to the incident through a one-way call to quickly establish the graveness of the incident. They can also pinpoint the location of the device user via geolocation technology.

Then, they will inform the regional police force directly, rather than going through the emergency hotline, to make sure the victim receives the quickest possible response.

Can A Monitored Personal Attack Alarm Protect You?

Like how it is with the traditional personal attack alarm, using a monitored personal attack alarm also involves certain responsibilities from your end, so they remain effective.

Inform The Police Before An Attack Occurs

One of the nicest things about a monitored personal attack is that the user can activate the device before an attack happens. Thus, providing you with an extra layer of protection.

As soon as a threat becomes a cause for concern, a discreet "red alert" can be activated. Therefore, depending on how quickly the situation escalates, the police can be present as soon as possible to resolve the situation before it worsens.

Send Help Should There Be A Sudden Attack

In instances of a sudden attack and the device user is unable to press the button on the device, there are devices that can detect the user has fallen over. The device will then raise a "man down alarm" or "incapacitation alert" that the authorities can receive. There will then be a two-way audio call where the operator will try to establish what has happened, and will send the necessary help and emergency support.

This will also apply if the user were to collapse because of an unexpected health issue. In this instance, the user of the device can activate the red alert if they are able to. So, this kind of personal safety alarm is multifaceted. It is not just used in attacks.

How The Traditional Attack Alarm And Monitored Attack Alarm Can Help In The Aftermath Of An Attack

The operator or anybody who has heard about the sound (with the traditional attack alarm) and received a notification (with the monitored attack alarm) can alert the user's contacts, such as their co-workers, friends, and relatives. This is particularly important in the event of a serious incident. However, it can already be useful if a device user encounters a scenario that does not escalate to an attack but has the attacker leaving because they feel the fear of being hunted down because the alarm has sounded.

Rape And Personal Attack Alarms Are Very Effective

Even though the monitored attack safety alarm looks "better" than a traditional attack alarm, users should certainly not be discouraged to use the traditional option.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to take your own personal safety seriously, and be prepared at all times. If you or your company has not yet invested in a personal safety solution for their employees, a traditional personal attack alarm will greatly help, not just at work but also outside work.

But, if you want a monitored lone worker situation that provides another form of protection when you are attacked, consider using the other option.

Don't Fall Victim To Rape: Shop For And Carry This Anti-Rape Personal Security Alarm Keychain Designed With Stronger Features

iARTidea is a renowned brand that does not only provide products that can make life a little easier, but also make it safer to live. One of its products that does the latter is the iARTidea rape alarm.

Otherwise known as the iARTidea Personal Alarm Keychain Kit, this is a must in your loadout. Feel much safer with its 130 dB loud sound that can easily draw the attention of people nearby.

It is very portable and easy to carry. This rape alarm may be small and lightweight, but this size makes it ideal to bring during travels, at night when you are running, or to outdoor activities at night in dangerous areas.

This keychain whistle also comes with LED, providing you with an extra layer of protection. This LED flashlight is perfect for lighting up dark areas. You cannot just use this to protect yourself from attacks, but also during times when you simply need to find misplaced items in your bag or light your path when outdoors.

It is not just for women, but for kids and the elderly too. Share the goodness of personal safety by giving this as a gift to your loved ones.

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You've Learned About The Must-Have Vigilant Personal Alarm Keychain, This Time, We Answer Some Relevant Quora Questions

1. What Other Advice Can Anyone Provide On Preventing Rape?

Before we head over to answer your question, it is important to know this about rape. That victims never bear any responsibility for sexual assault. It is the perpetrators that bear all responsibility and criminal guilt.

Here are some of the things you can do to prevent rape. First, listen to your intuition when alone. Avoid dangerous situations by staying aware of your surroundings, avoiding isolated public areas, walking with determination even if you are lost, keeping your phone charged and with you, avoiding going somewhere else with a person you do not know, and not using music headphones when walking alone.

Second, reduce risk in social situations. When attending parties and social events with a group of friends, you should stay with your friends. Do not leave your drink unattended because this leaves a potential rapist a chance to slip a date rape drug in it. Take the drink with you wherever you go, even in the ladies' room. If you intend to leave it, just get a new drink. Never accept drinks from a stranger or somebody you just met.

Third, do not reveal too much on social media. Very explainable on its own. You should also turn off the location of your phone before going out.

Fourth, and a very important way to prevent rape, is to use and bring with you devices like personal safety alarms. These tools can release a loud sound once activated, alerting people nearby that you need help.

2. What Is A Personal Safety Alarm?

A personal safety alarm is a device that releases a loud sound when activated, alerting people nearby that you need help. Many of these alarms also have LED lights to light up the path when you are walking alone. These personal safety alarms are tiny enough to be kept in your bag, and easy to carry around.

3. Which Personal Safety Alarm Is The Best?

With so many personal safety alarms offered in the market today, it can be difficult to make the choice. But when it comes to the best personal safety alarm, consider buying one from iARTidea. This brand's personal safety alarms release a very loud sound, up to 130 dB, which is louder than most devices of this kind offered in the market. Aside from this, it also comes with features like LED lights and is rechargeable.


If you become a victim to rape outdoors, this is one of the most serious and gravest things that can happen to you. The way you live your life can change when rape happens to you, in the most negative of ways. So, allow yourself to stay protected against these circumstances by bringing with you an anti-rape alarm.

On the market today, you can find several brands selling these types of alarms, but there are only some that can effectively provide you with the utmost safety. As a buyer, you must be wise when shopping for these kinds of items.

To find the self defense alarm that suits your needs the right way, you can look for features such as the alarm keychain 130db SOS emergency, the alarm that you can place securely and easily inside your bag, the presence of an LED light, and a durable plastic material so it stays with you for a longer time. They must also have a high-performing battery, lightweight features, the presence of a whistle, be made with the strongest of materials like aluminum, the ability to attach the alarm to your key, a reliable customer service when you have questions, international delivery and shipping perks, and the like.

On sale now are a collection of personal safety alarms from us here at iARTidea. These brand-new, unopened, and unused tools have the functions you need to protect you against unwanted circumstances such as rape. Connect with iARTidea today to own this product.