Pinterest Everything: Tips For Creating Pinterest Images That Generate More Clicks + Pin Inspector

Are you marketing on the Pinterest platform? Perhaps you, too, are challenged by searching images that generate clicks. Here is a guide to help you out.

Pinterest Everything: Tips For Creating Pinterest Images That Generate More Clicks + Pin Inspector cover

Pinterest is such a huge platform online when it comes to looking for images. While everything seems smooth on the part of the viewer, things can get really challenging if you are a content creator thinking of ways how you can generate more clicks with your Pinterest content. Fret not, because we are here to end your worries away.

In this comprehensive article, we'll take a look at the best tips you'd want to follow so you can create the greatest and high quality Pinterest images for your individual and business purposes. Let's dive right into the discussion. Keep reading.

Pinterest Everything: Here's How You Can Create Pinterest Images To Drive More Engagement

Up next, you will be reading about 13 top tips for creating brilliant images for Pinterest that can drive maximum engagement. Time to get your Pinning game on, and show the world what your business is capable of doing.

1. Add Brand To Your Pinterest Images

Without adding brand to your images, Pinners will not be able to tell the Pins belong to your business. By branding your images with the colors, watermark or logo, fonts, and graphics of your company, you are able to create a cohesive look and feel. Also, don't forget to add in your website URL so viewers can easily learn more about your business.

Moreover, your brand should relay your values and mission. Your image must emphasize the personality of your brand.

As you apply these tips, you'll then increase brand awareness so people can associate your content with your business. Then, you'll be able to draw in the right crowd for your brand's products.

2. Optimize Your Pins For Search

Like your website, you must optimize each Pin for search. Search engine optimization is not just about Google. When you optimize your posts, people looking for search results like yours will have a better chance of finding you.

Here are some steps to optimizing your images on Pinterest.

3. Include A Call-To-Action

In order for you to lead your Pinterest Pinners to your website, tell them directly what they should do next. This is possible with a call-to-action on the image itself or in your image description. Once you do, you'll be able to guide searchers through their buyer's journey. Keep the CTA short, sweet, and actionable.

4. Make Pinterest A Part Of Your Strategies For Social Media Marketing

If Pinterest is not yet a part of your social media marketing strategies, it is about time to make it so. Pinterest has the power to raise brand awareness, build a loyal follower base, and drive lots of traffic to your business website.

To do this, decide which types of content you wish to share in order to support your marketing plan. Some of the most common kinds of marketing images that perform really well on Pinterest are product Pins, blog post images, lead magnets that incentivize users to click by offering something to them in return, and infographics.

You can also choose to promote your Pinterest account on other social media platforms to let them know what you offer. Facebook is one. Tell your Facebook audience you are also on Pinterest and what kinds of stuff you regularly Pin. Invite these people to reshare your content so you can expand your reach.

5. Design Is Just About Everything

Many Pinterest users have a keen eye on what looks good. Pinterest's users include designers, creatives, innovators, and of course, dreamers. To draw them in, make sure your Pins are designed well.

You can hire a professional designer to help you, but if you don't have or don't have the budget for this, follow these tips for creating images that shine.

6. Design Pins With Several Images

When you have several images, your Pins are more appealing. For instance, if your business designs t-shirts, you can create a Pin with a single image of a women's shirt. No problem. But you are also targeting women who are clicking to buy.

What you can do is create a Pin with several images of the same shirt but in three different colors and in various sizes. By doing so, you attract both men and women to clicking and making purchases on your website -- all because your Pin appeals to a broader audience.

7. Craft Step-By-Step Guides

Don't you know that Pinners love step-by-step guides, whether photo or video guides, and Pinterest is the go-to channel for these.

Guides are a fantastic way to generate more clicks. To push people to click on your images, show them what they'll get at the very end of everything.

8. Participate In Groups And Community Boards

Once you're done designing your Pinterest images, you need to encourage people to check them out. One effective way to get people to your Pins is by joining group boards.

Participating in these group boards will increase your exposure. Members of a certain board can see your Pins, and their audiences will see them as well. How about that?

You can begin by looking for Pinners in your niche, then see if they got boards relevant to you. Sometimes, you may need to communicate with the board's owner before they can allow you to participate. But once you are in, you can Pin to your heart's content! You'll have more chances of getting noticed.

9. Communicate With Your Audience Directly

Pinterest is a huge marketing platform, so you have to be careful of your language. Use language that attracts your target audience and quickly captures their attention.

Speaking and writing casually humanizes your business' brand. You'll then create better connections with Pinners.

10. Tease Your Followers Through Your Messaging

Sharing is the secret sauce to the recipe of getting your images with plenty of repins, but this often does not persuade people to click and head over to your site. A smart way to draw a bigger audience is to tease them with what you are offering, enough to make them want more.

For example, if you write a blog post titled "Top 5 Holiday Gifts To Win Back The Love Of Your Life," share one gift at a time. To see the entire article, users will need to visit your website. Understood?

11. Apply For Rich Pins

It has been said there are three kinds of Rich Pins -- Product, Recipe, and Article. They are free and available to everybody who uses Pinterest, but you must apply to use them.

Once you apply, Pinterest will then process your application within around a day. Once approved, your Pins will sync information from your site.

Your Rich Pins will contain additional information to help them stand out from the rest of your Pins in Pinterest feeds. Some Rich Pins can show your website favicon, meta descriptions, bold titles, product prices, and more.

12. Position Yourself Being A Thought Leader

Are you a thought leader in your business, and do you already have infographics, ebooks, email newsletters, and the like on your website or other platforms? Why not share your knowledge on Pinterest too?

Interesting, right? Break down the content you are sharing by creating enticing Pins. You can feature yourself as a thought leader in easy-to-digest pieces on the visual platform, and include a link for your audience to click to learn more. This strategy is a way to drive more traffic to your site.

13. Devise Buyable Pins

Buyable Pins are Pins people could click to make a direct purchase. If you have something your followers want or need, transform it into a Buyable Pin. When you do, your viewers will see a tiny white dot indicating your product is for sale. And once they click, Pinterest will lead them straight to the product so they can immediately purchase it.

Now That You Have Learned Ways To Make Your Pins Popular For Viewers, Let Us Get To Know A Software That Can Help You Further

Want to make things a whole lot easier when searching for content on this visual platform? Try Pin Inspector.

Pin Inspector Overview

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In addition, it features a new "browse and scrape" tool that lets you see the top performing promoted Pins or Pinterest ads in your feed, together with dozens of data points for each of these.

Furthermore, for every Pin that it shows you, you could see 47 various data points. This includes stuff like the number of repins, saves, comments, and so much more. Try this today.

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Most Popular Quora Questions On Pinterest

Platforms like Pinterest emerge as popular sources of beautiful images. Just by looking at an image scattered around the Internet, people would know where it came from. Where else? Pinterest. These images signal clicks, but you cannot make this possible without using the right tools.

For now, let us take a look at some of the most popular questions on Quora about Pinterest.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest refers to a social network where individuals can find inspiration and ideas for their hobbies and interests. A Pin represents each idea. A Pin is an image searched and saved by Pinterest users. These Pins can also link back to websites, which is a reason why Pinterest is a promising platform for driving sales and traffic.

How Do I Download Pinterest Images In High Resolution?

High resolution images are usually about 1,024 pixels wide or 300 pixels per inch. To download Pinterest images in high resolution, first, you must follow the basics. Top the Pin you wish to save. Then, tap the ellipsis icon located at the top-right of your screen. Then, tap Download image.

Second, you can use tools like AI Image Enlarger. This tool can upscale and enlarge your low-definition images by up to 200 percent, 400 percent, or even 800 percent.

What Do You Use Pinterest For?

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where you can find ideas like home and style inspiration, recipes, fashion lookbooks, and more. Pinterest has billions of Pins, and with these, you can always find ideas to spark your inspiration. Once you discover Pins you love, you can save them to Boards so your ideas are organized and easy to find.

Pinning Ideas Made Even Better: Conclusion

Pinterest is such a huge platform when scraping the web for images you like. It is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices. It's also a fact that many Pinners globally head over to this website and app to find photos of their interests.

With regard to photography, this website has a lot to offer. It has pages with, say 900 high-quality images, and a whole lot more. People even want to use those images to display in their living room, crop and edit them for use in their company name and logo, tag others on social media with those images, and more. It also features Pinterest boards where you can save, collect, and organize your Pinterest found Pins.

If you want to effectively scroll through Pinterest for images that can generate more clicks, the first step is actually to read various articles that provide you with tips on how to find Pinterest images that can get more clicks. See more ideas from these, and then arm yourself with a tool that can help you streamline things.

When looking for new images, Pinterest is the place to go. For both PC and touch device users, its pages have features like Discovery and Search, Explore by Touch, and so much more. While everything seems to be so smooth from the perspective of users, things can get really challenging for somebody sharing content. But you should not fret. What you learned about above are tips on how you can find Pinterest content that generate clicks, such as using a destination link. You also learned about Pin Inspector, a tool that can help you throughout this process. Invest and take advantage of these tips and tool right now. Cheers to your content creation.