Music For Gaming Is Part Of The Whole Experience, And Get To Know Persona Music

Are you looking to download and use music for video gaming? Wait a second, is that music royalty free? Ensure you are within boundaries with Persona Music.

Music For Gaming Is Part Of The Whole Experience, And Get To Know Persona Music cover

For the gamer to enjoy the entire experience when playing their favorite games, music is part of it all. Nowadays, playing games is more than just gameplay. Gamers are also looking for good music.

In this article, we are going to tackle the strong relationship between gaming and music, and how music for gaming changes the whole scenario.

Plus, you will also be learning about a platform where you can find great video game music that are royalty free, so you do not violate any copyright laws. Let's get to it.

For Younger Gamers, Music Is Huge Part Of The Whole Gaming Experience + The Challenges On Copyright

Nowadays, gaming and music companies are partnering together, more than ever before, to create a heightened seamless integration between their products, and of course, monetize them.

Gen Z gamers -- or those gamers born between the mid- to late-1990s to the early 2010s -- have a strong relationship with music. These music entail those they hear while playing games, watching game streamers, and those they share with other players and listen while gaming. This fact opens more opportunities for tougher partnerships and better integration between gaming and music firms.

Gaming and music have a strong relationship, no doubt about that. However, it can be difficult for gamers to buy the music they discover and easily add it to their playlists. One of the reasons why is copyright.

A survey from The Wall Street Journal found that 42 percent of Gen Z gamers listen to other music while they are gaming, and 34 percent listen to music in a game and then search it up online to stream or buy. Almost a quarter wish they could buy music they hear in a game or be able to include it in their playlists, and nearly as many share music recommendations with other gamers gaming online. Not only does this present the interesting relationship between music and gaming, but it also suggests opportunities to improve engagement and revenues by integrating music and gaming more tightly.

But things like this can become difficult if these gamers do not have access to copyright-cleared music. Let's hear it for now from the part of game developers.

As big-budget games bring forward cinematic experiences, top-tier acting talents, and storylines, they also invest in creating engaging and compelling soundtracks. Some of the most triumphant gaming franchises have seen their soundtracks and theme songs become popularized over decades. But the fact remains...

... It is difficult to find these songs outside the games, without hitting legal boundaries on copyright.

Meanwhile, for highly competitive games that involve player-versus-player or PvP, players of these games have more freedom to choose their own soundtracks, which, in turn, help them feel more energized and competitive, focus better, and keep a good mood while playing a tough game.

Furthermore, The Wall Street Journal's survey also found that 22 percent of Gen Z gamers are sharing music recommendations with other players in online games. Yet, adding a song from the game to their playlist is difficult.

Then, we also have the gaming influencers.

Another survey found that gaming influencers -- or those on social media sharing gaming content to large follower bases, often via live streams -- are the second-most popular kind of influencer for US teens, just trailing behind music influencers.

Though gaming companies may tie up with these top gaming influencers to promote their games, this same group of streamers is also often challenged by copyright protections. Sometimes, they even receive takedown notices if the game's own, copyright-uncleared music is audible in their live stream. However, sharing gaming information with good music content can make it easier for their followers and subscribers to discover and engage with the content they share.

To conquer these challenges in gaming music, musicians are increasingly reaching audiences within game worlds. Top online games now draw tens of millions of players daily. Some establish in-game radio stations that feature exclusive new music releases from top artists, with others even offering artists roles in the game's story, like an ex-deal. Meanwhile, others are producing music events that bring musicians into larger-than-life immersive experiences, selling physical and digital merchandise along the way.

However, many gamers want popular music.

For many, a popular game world is more than just a game. It is a social destination for interactive and immersive entertainment. Today, with the growing talk and discussion about the metaverse, top social games already host hundreds of millions of players spending much of their time and money in digital spaces. And, music plays a big role.

Recommendations For Game Developers And Media Companies

As more individuals, especially the youth, spend more time gaming, media and entertainment companies should keep looking for innovative ways to reach and engage their audiences. Providing good music is one, but how can they conquer copyright? Here are some approaches to consider.

Gaming Music And Copyright

Here are more approaches to consider for companies in relation to gaming music and copyright.

Persona Music: Listen To Great Tracks Without Facing Copyright Issues

To resolve copyright issues when accessing music for gaming, there is a platform that provides great music content free of issues. Meet Persona Music.

Persona Music is where you can find music for video gaming without facing copyright issues. It is a music licensing platform with literally thousands of copyright-cleared tracks from Hollywood and television productions. Thus, with Personal Music, users can license these thousands of copyright-cleared tracks that Hollywood studios and television networks use.

You can find music, such as those from Disney and Marvel trailers, Emmy award-winning soundtracks, and hit television shows like "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." There is no need to worry about copyright claims because, with this platform, you have the power to whitelist your channel and prevent content strikes.

Its massive music library is packed with more than 10,000 tracks from the biggest movie trailers and TV shows. You can browse through genres like jazz, classical, and electric music to find those that fit your vibe, preference, and style. More on its catalog later on.

So, whether you are filming and documentary or uploading gaming content, you can access the best music from here.

Above all, the interface of this platform is perfectly designed to help creators get inspiration in their search for great music. These creators can filter tracks based on instruments, moods, video types, and purposes, letting them find the right song for their projects.

And since you can license the same music as those from Hollywood studios and big networks, you can immediately elevate your video content strategy one tune at a time.

As long as you have a Persona Music subscription, your video content will be cleared from copyright claims... forever. This is because the platform integrates with the YouTube Content ID system to detect and clear copyright claims in minutes. How about that? So, you can keep making content without being demonetized each time your upload them.

Say goodbye to the countless hours of search for copyright-uncleared music. Say goodbye to making your video content sound tacky with a backing track your downloaded randomly from some shady website.

Welcome Persona Music into your life -- and into your digital life too.

This lets you access the same music the biggest TV networks and Hollywood studios use in their productions, all cleared of copyright.

The Persona Music Catalog

You can search for music on the platform according to:

Its Pricing

The Social Creator pricing tier is $11.99 a month. The Creator Pro, the most popular tier, is $19.99 a month. Both the Social Creator and Creator Pro options are billed annually.

The Enterprise pricing tier starts at $96.60 a month.

But you can try Persona Music for free.

Quora Questions Answered!

This time, we answer some of the most popular questions on Quora about the topic. Read on.

How Do I Share A Song To My Instagram Story?

As you open the camera, swipe to the new "Music" option you can find beneath the record button. Then, search for a song, choose the exact part you want, and record a video as the song plays in the background.

When your followers and friends are watching your story, they will hear the song playing as they view your photo or video.

What Is The Best Music App?

Music is a huge topic. There are literally several music apps you can find out there. But for now, we can say that the best music app is Persona Music.

Persona Music is a music licensing platform that lets you access thousands of music without hitting the boundaries of copyright. This platform is perfect for creating content, such as gaming content.

Where Can I Download Free Music?

Want to download free music? By free music, we assume you mean music that are copyright-cleared. You can download them from Persona Music.

It is a music licensing platform that provides access to several music, such as those used by the largest TV networks and Hollywood studios, without violating copyright. All its plans feature unlimited track downloads. Try this now.

The Takeaway: Access Free Gaming Music At Persona Music

A video game composer once said, "The images tell the story, but the music tells you how to feel."

We couldn't agree more.

Video games, generally, consist of three major components. The first two are the visuals and interactivity. They form the essential core of games. But, the third component, sound, and particularly music, transforms games into something more than just an activity. Music can turn your favorite games into unforgettable experiences.

If you are a gamer or a game developer looking for great-sounding background music for your games, you cannot just source them out randomly. You wouldn't know which websites provide music for gaming videos, but are actually violating copyright regulations.

So, how do you bridge the gap?

In this article, you have learned about the relationship between gaming and music, and you have also learned about Persona Music, a platform where you can access literally tens of thousands of tracks without violating anything about copyright. For your questions such as music jobs near me, we hope we have answered them. We recommend that you give Persona Music a try.