Mobiroller Review 2022: Create Mighty Apps Without Requiring Coding Skills

With its own app, your business can take greater heights. Here’s Mobiroller, a software that lets you create powerful ads without needing any coding skills.

Mobiroller is the ultimate software solution that will let you create impactful mobile apps without requiring any coding skills. In this Mobiroller review, we will take a closer look at what this platform is about, its pros and cons, its features, its pricing, and so much more. Read on.


What Is Mobiroller?: Overview Of The Software

Apps have forever changed how life goes, and how businesses connect with their customers. There are apps that will let you navigate roads so you can reach your destination while budgeting your time. Also, there are apps that will allow you to enhance the way you look so you continue to impress your followers and friends online. Then, there are apps that will let you instantly communicate with your family, friends, and loved ones – plus, a whole lot more of these apps that can improve the way you live.

Perhaps, from the perspective of the apps’ users, you might ask, “How are these apps made?” There are several businesses nowadays that express their interest in having their own apps so they can serve their customers better.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you out when you need to create your own apps and apps that you wish to offer to your market. Not only this, but such tools will allow you to build the app without requiring any coding skills. What a perfect solution for those who are apprehensive about building their own apps because they think coding and technical skills are needed. Among these tools is Mobiroller.

Meet Mobiroller

Mobiroller is a platform for app creation where users can build mighty iOS and Android apps without requiring any coding knowledge.

Software development teams have designed Mobiroller in such a unique way, and they ensure an excellent user experience each time.

Aside from these, the software also comes along with powerful and up-to-date features to help users take their mobile app projects with them. For one, users can update the apps they have created in real-time, and send push notifications to customers so they can engage with them.

Moreover, users can also avail themselves dozens of updated features, add various languages, and reach out to a wider customer base. For instance, one can create a members-only app and manage users at the same time. Besides these, Mobiroller also includes features such as user segmentation and Google Analytics integration to provide its users with insightful analytics.

With this, you can create as many apps as you want, all under one account. Thus, this makes it super-convenient and less time-consuming for both beginners and advanced users.

Plus, Mobiroller also provides great support when you need this, and additionally, it can transform a website into mobile in within minutes.

To help you better understand Mobiroller and in your decision whether to get this software for your needs, here are its pros and cons, shared by those who have tried this product.


Mobiroller Pros And Cons

Listed below are the pros and cons of the software.



Mobiroller Features

Now that you have gotten the overview of what Mobiroller is about, let us head over to learn its features. Here are the most noteworthy features of Mobiroller.

What Mobiroller Can Do

But first, what can Mobiroller do for your app creation needs?

1. Create Apps With No Coding Required

Mobiroller makes app development a whole lot easier by eliminating any coding or technical pre-requisites.

2. Apple & Google Store Publishing

Mobiroller saves you from the troublesome process by making Apple and Google Store publications of your apps under your own account.

3. Mobile App Monetization

With Mobiroller, you can monetize your app, grow your engagement rate, and more with your in-app purchase.

4. Apps For Advanced eCommerce

You can easily build your store, add your products, and grow your online business with the use of Mobiroller.

Get To Know The Mobiroller Features

This time, we take a look at the features of the stunning Mobiroller platform.

1. User-Friendly Interface

With the Mobiroller App Maker, anybody can create a great mobile app without needing any coding skills. It offers a dashboard that makes app creation several times easier for you.

2. Up-To-Date Capabilities

The Mobiroller App Maker has dozens of active modules, and their team continuously updates them with the latest changes in the Android and iOS platforms.

3. Support For Multiple Languages

Get your content translated to different languages automatically. This is a great way to reach more people with the use of Mobiroller.

4. User Segmentation

With Mobiroller, you can segment your users for a better experience. Moreover, you can create various user segments, and assign each user to a different group. In this way, you can send targeted push notifications, and, you can segment specific screens to your apps.

5. Webview Available

With Mobiroller, you can turn your website into a mobile app in within just a couple of minutes with their easy-to-follow steps.

6. Analytics Integration

Mobiroller allows you to add your Google Analytics code to your app so you can measure its performance, and find out about demographic factors. When you know your audience better, it will be easier to determine what actions to take.

7. Real-Time Updates

Changes you make in the back-end will show in your app right away. With this feature, you can focus on the app-building.

8. Push Notifications

Mobiroller also lets its users schedule and send as many push notifications as they want without any additional cost.

9. User Registration And Login

If you need a members-only app, Mobiroller is the best place to make this. Plus, you can manage the users of this kind of app with Mobiroller. These make it the perfect solution if you want to publish your app in stores but limit the audience who can access it. You can also export a user list as a .csv file.

10. Helpful Support

Mobiroller is more than glad to answer your concerns and queries. Connect with them today.

11. Cross-Platform App Creation

Android and iOS versions of your app are simultaneously ready no matter what your content is.

12. Designed For Mobile Shopping

Mobiroller will help you build a high standard eCommerce application for your brand in within minutes. Add your products and grow your business online.


Mobiroller Pricing + Discounts

Now, let us get to the part where you decide whether to have Mobiroller based on the budget you have. Sure, it may be a great software, but how much does it cost?

Mobiroller calls their pricing “Premium App Packages.” There are monthly and annual options based on your preferences.

For the monthly option, there is the Eco at $10 monthly, the Pro at $30 monthly, and the Business at $50 monthly. You can check the features of these pricing plans here.

The annual option offers up to 17 percent savings for those who want to use Mobiroller. The Eco is at $8 monthly, the Pro is at $25 monthly, and the Business is at $42 monthly.

Are you looking for a lifetime deal or a one-time purchase? When you buy Mobiroller from AppSumo, you can avail yourself of this lifetime deal.

There are: the License Tier 1 at a one-time purchase of $79 from $700, the License Tier 2 at a one-time purchase of $199 from $900, and the License Tier 3 at a one-time purchase of $249 from $1,100.


Nowadays, customers prefer to avail the products, services, and offers of a business that has an app. In fact, according to a recent survey by Facebook, more than half or around 53 percent of customers said they are more likely to shop with a business that they can contact via a chat app. A chat app is only among the many apps you can create for your business ventures.

Apps can provide a lot of benefits for businesses. These include having direct communication and engagement with clients and customers, improved customer engagement, increased brand awareness, and a useful marketing channel. Furthermore, the advantages also go way beyond to include providing an effective loyalty program and enabling the business to get ahead of the competition.

However, even if entrepreneurs want to have apps for their businesses, they are taken aback. This is because there is a popular belief that only those with technical know-how, perhaps computer science and engineering experts, can create the app for the business to use – well, not at all times. There are several tools that are nowadays already available that even those without the technical knowledge or coding skills can be able to create apps for their goals, whether these are individual or business goals.

Mobiroller is one of them. This software provides several features that will let you create efficient, functional, and powerful apps for your individual and business needs. Plus, with a price range that suits your budget, Mobiroller is indeed a highly-recommended software for your various needs. We hope you learned a lot from this Mobiroller review. Feel free to share this Mobiroller review online.

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