Makeup Brush Products That Will Unleash The Beautiful You: Top 7 Choices

Wearing makeup? Choosing the best makeup brush may seem easy at first, but it is actually not. Here are the top choices on Amazon for your makeup brush.

Makeup brush – this is among the tools you will need to perfectly apply that makeup to reveal your glow and beauty. But with a lot of choices in the industry today, it can be daunting to search for that perfect makeup brush without having a guide with you. So, we have searched far and wide to provide you with the list of the best makeup brush products you must be owning right now. Keep on reading.

What You Need Is A Makeup Brush

Donning beautiful makeup for an upcoming event? Perhaps you want to wear makeup to impress your boss and co-workers? Or maybe you would want to be the most beautiful you on your dinner date with your lover on Valentine’s day? What you need is a makeup brush.

Even if you have the best, the most popular, and the trendiest makeup products from the best brands in your collection, they will not be able to give you glorious results without using the right tools. And who is best to ask about the best makeup brush products on the market today that professional makeup artists who have spent their entire careers working closely with an extensive lineup of the best makeup brush products for the face, eyes, lips, and cheekbones?

In this article, we will present the best picks when it comes to the makeup brush coming from the pros themselves, across various brands from popular eCommerce website, Amazon. We will also include insights about each product’s pros and cons, and their current prices. Whether you are a seasoned makeup pro or a makeup beginner, this story is the perfect place to get started if you want to curate your very own makeup brush set and perfect your look.

Top 7 Makeup Brush Products You Should Be Owning Right Now

Consider these seven makeup brush products of various shapes and sizes – soft and fluffy, domed, densely-packed, tapered, angled, and precise – to be your best buddies when it comes to flawless makeup application and seamlessly buffing in your products. From there, you can showcase your stunning looks whether in-person or on social media. Unleash the breathtaking you.

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1. MSQ Eye Makeup Brushes

These MSQ Eye Makeup Brushes are the ultimate like. They got handmade eyeshadow brushes made of premium synthetic fiber materials. Plus, they are also high in density, and fine in texture for that long-lasting, soft and silky touch.

Each package includes eyeshadow brushes, blending brushes, the eyeliner brush, the eyebrow brush, and concealer brushes.

It also features a real wood handle and rose gold brush, perfect as gifts to your friends and relatives.

It is at $8.99 on Amazon. All prices on this list are updated as of writing.



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2. e.l.f. Flawless Face Brush

If you are looking for the ideal makeup brush, consider this product from e.l.f. This e.l.f. Flawless Face Brush is your secret weapon to a flawless face. Use the flat side for all-over application of powders, or the skinny side for applying blush and bronzer. This versatile makeup brush makes applying your makeup a breeze.

Each brush is made with synthetic, animal hair-free bristles and is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and facilitate an impeccable finish with every application. This product is proud to be 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free.

As for the price, it costs $5.38 on Amazon.



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3. JAF Makeup Brush Set Professional

Looking for the best makeup brush? Take it to the JAF brand. This JAF Makeup Brush Set Professional is a high-quality makeup brush set with soft and densely packed bristles that do not shed easily and are odor-free.

It is also a vegan makeup brush set that brings long-lasting flawlessness to the user.

The set includes six pieces of large face brushes and 20 full small brush makeup sets. You will never need to look any further.

It is a pink makeup brush set with a rose gold ferrule wood handle.

The product is available at $27.99 on Amazon.



4. EcoTools 360 Ultimate Blend Makeup Brushes

These EcoTools 360 Ultimate Blend Makeup Brushes combine quality with sustainability. Whether you will use these for your eyes, blush, foundation or travel, these makeup brushes flawlessly help apply products beautifully to your face. Many of the products from this brand are made from recycled and sustainable materials to make you feel as good as you look.

EcoTools also provides beauty sponges, blenders, hairbrushes, and bath and spa accessories.

This product is available on Amazon at $15.54.



5. IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush

If you are looking for best-selling makeup brush products, look no further than the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush.

This two-in-one makeup brush is very easy to use when applying all your favorite foundations and concealers evenly and smoothly.

It features ultra-plush and award-winning Heavenly Luxe cruelty-free hairs that do not shed, plus, precision-cut brush heads to give you perfectly streak-free coverage.

Use the large, fluffy end for applying foundations and concealers in circular motions to larger areas of your face. Use the smaller micro end for harder-to-reach areas, such as your T-zone and around the eyes.

This product is available at $28.60 on Amazon.



6. iARTidea And Zoreya High-End Makeup Brushes And Eye Makeup Brush Set

From recommended brands for your makeup brush set to one of the best brands for this product, iARTidea collaborates with Zoreya to provide you with High-End Makeup Brushes.

The eye makeup brush set with a makeup blending brush and more will let you obtain nice, compact makeup without taking too much time or extra effort.

These brushes are designed with soft, synthetic bristles, carefully-shaped for a precise application and uniform coverage.

Moreover, these professional makeup brushes stand out among the rest with its pink brush applicator and shiny rose gold ergonomic handle that are easy to use, letting you get precise strokes for contouring, shading, eyeshadow application, or correcting imperfections.

This product is carefully packed with a lovely pink travel case so they are always ready when you need to apply impeccable makeup for work, dinner dates, and more.

Get this now at $17.99 on Amazon.



7. iARTidea Kabuki Brush

Looking for a makeup product that is used by Japanese theater artists? Own this iARTidea Kabuki Brush today.

Getting that professional, salon-like makeup from the comfort of your own home is now easier than you think with the iARTidea kabuki brush for applying makeup. Perfectly combining a user-friendly design with the versatility and wide surface coverage, as well as soft and skin-friendly bristles which pamper you while ensuring an even product application, this foundation brush saves your time and energy, providing that impeccable long-lasting look you’ve always wanted.

This flat makeup brush is only for $7.99 on Amazon.



How To Choose Your Makeup Brush

As a conclusion to our list of the best makeup brush products, we are going to present the insights you need to know when it comes to choosing your makeup brush. What are the things you must consider?


Unlike other products, choosing the best makeup product is all about the class. The more classy the brush is, the better. Brushes made of the finest, high-class, and quality materials will last longer and result in that flawless makeup look you are eyeing. When determining the quality of the brush, find those with soft bristles that do not feel frayed or ragged. The bristles should be held in place by a secure metal ferule to veer away from shedding.


Of course, you must consider the features. There are several choices today when it comes to your makeup brush.

For the brush head shape, there are square, dome, tapered, angled, slant, and tip shapes. For the brush head size, there are fine, small, medium, large, and extra-large options.

When it comes to the bristle material, there are those made with synthetic hairs and natural hairs. For the bristle texture, you can choose among fine, soft, and coarse makeup brushes.

Then, there is the density of the bristles. Choose from firm, stiff to dense. When it comes to the handle length, there are makeup brushes that are long, short, and mini or travel-size. For the ferrule, your options include aluminum, brass, and other metals.


Oftentimes, you might have been used to the concept that “expensive” means it is the “best choice.” But remember, cost does not always indicate quality. There are several options available on the market, but instead of relying on the price tag, look for the quality and features.


Sometimes, it all boils down to how you care for your products. Depending on the type of bristle you choose, caring for your makeup brush is essential. The more you care about caring, the longer you will be able to use the makeup brush. For those who apply makeup once a day, it is recommended to clean your brushes once per week.


If you care about the Earth, you will opt for the makeup brush made with cruelty-free materials. There is no need to use animal hair. Plus, there are times these animal hair materials even cause allergies.

We hope this list and guide can help you choose the right makeup brush. It is time to own these makeup brush products that will surely unleash the beautiful you.