Ligna, A One-Stop Solution For Your Marketing And Sales Endeavors

A one-stop platform for the business. This is the dream of every entrepreneur. Let the software Ligna do the heavy lifting for you. Learn about it here.

Ligna, A One-Stop Solution For Your Marketing And Sales Endeavors

Ligna is a software that can consolidate and scale all your sales and marketing needs in one complete platform. Find out if this is the right tool for you with this software review.

Your business deserves to win. Entrepreneurs, each day, find themselves in the middle of the tough competition in the world of business. This is why they are always on the lookout, and investing in various tools that will enable them to streamline and improve their operations across a variety of aspects.

To have a one-stop platform for the business that can do everything, making things easier for the entrepreneur. This is the ultimate dream. And thanks to technology, there are platforms that can fulfill these aspirations.

Business owners are purchasing several different software, platforms, and tools to provide for their business and marketing needs. While they are able to use them well, because of the multitude of these tools, they end up with a hot mess.

And even after finding a system that actually works, the challenge of getting ready to scale is still present. Plus, you are stuck paying for individual services like email and content management system or CMS, and so much more. These never have to happen. It is time you stand up and organize things around you.

What if we tell you there is a single platform that has all the tools you need for your business. Moreover, this platform can automate your operations to make them more efficient and much simpler to track. Introducing Ligna.

Through this software review, you will get to know more about Ligna, its features, how much it costs, and what customers say about this platform. Let us get to it. Read on.


Introducing Ligna

Ligna is the software you need to consolidate and scale all your sales and marketing efforts from one complete platform.

It is a sales and marketing platform that lets users manage each and every aspect of their sales and marketing process from this one-stop and all-in-one system.

Ligna is a platform for your sales and marketing endeavors, helping you through the features they have so you can effectively close clients, manage content, oversee projects, track every detail, and so much more.

With Ligna, you can automate follow-up with the use of email, voicemail, SMS, call-forwarding campaigns, and social media channels for more engagement.

This software is best for marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and growth hackers who want a fully-loaded and working sales and marketing platform.

Moreover, Ligna allows its users not just to automate follow-up and close clients, but also to easily collaborate with team members better than ever before.

The software provides you with a built-in CMS and automated social publishing tools to build and market directly for your clients and customers. Isn’t this great?

Using Ligna is therefore significant for building the sales and marketing of any agency.

Ligna is best for:

Ligna Features

With the sales and marketing stack of Ligna, including email, voicemail, SMS text message notification, call forwarding, and social channels to engage your consumers, you can automate your follow-up better than ever before.

What are the most outstanding features of Ligna?

Automated Follow-Up Sequences

With the use of Ligna, it is possible to automate follow-ups using email, phone, SMS, call-forwarding campaigns, and social media platforms. Do these in Ligna’s sales and marketing stack.

Track each lead in an easy-to-follow chronology, so you can ensure that you are able to follow up with all of them.

Projects Done By The Agency

Aside from that first feature above, Ligna also provides various project management tools that let you start working as soon as you have onboarded the client. These tools are specifically built for the usually complicated ongoing projects you may find in various agencies.

Project Management Tool

In line with the previous feature, Ligna is your powerful project management tool. With this software, you can create and assign an unlimited number of tasks and subtasks to both internal and external stakeholders using the dashboard functionality of Ligna.

This particular project management tool likewise enables project managers to collaborate on assigning tasks and responsibilities, making sure that everybody has complete visibility and accountability. Get a clearer picture of your projects at all angles with Ligna.

With the capability to save an infinite number of assets per project, you can be able to make sure everyone in your team has access to what they need anytime.

To further ensure nothing fails along the way, you may utilize other views such as timeline and the Kanban board to monitor and supervise the execution of projects.

Consulting And Management Services

Using Ligna also gives you a funnel builder that is suitable for any designer. The funnel builder has a drag-and-drop functionality that lets you create complex, code-level adjustments that your designers will surely appreciate.

No need for any technical know-how with Ligna. Its designer-built consulting and management services let you control all aspects of your design. The capability to effortlessly construct and import new sites, as well as site templates your team might reuse, is at your fingertips.

Furthermore, you may also edit site-wide content blocks with a single click, thanks to its global tag system.

Assistance From The Agency

Also with Ligna, administering clients is much, much simpler. Get access to tons of benefits that include fewer calls, more tickets, and higher business margins with repeat customers.

You can likewise effectively communicate to receive updates or adjustments at a faster rate.

Marketing For A Marketing Agency

Ligna fuels the need for you to think big when it comes to your business. Its marketing automation is essential for growing operations for your close clients, and it is available for free. This software can automate social media marketing efforts and email, SMS, phone, and other daily marketing tasks to make your agency even more productive day by day.

Customer Relationship Management Or CRM

Aside from those features, Ligna likewise has a built-in CRM primarily designed for marketing companies. This enables sales teams to employ artificial intelligence so they can automate follow-up, closing clients, and interaction amongst themselves.

Lead Management Platform

Ligna is also your lead management tool. It lets you create as many date collection onboarding forms as you need to obtain files, assets, client data, and more for easy onboarding.

What is great about Ligna is that, it has built-in training videos that walk you through how each feature is used.

You never have to be a project manager, or an admin to make content pages, knowledge management databases, and learning management courses. You can do these easily with this complete platform.

Agency-Related Activity

Ligna can also be able to track and record every action and event with the use of intelligent analytics. Users can track everything from calls to prospects to tasks, online traffic to SERP ranking, incoming and outbound emails to SMS discussions, and so much more, all from one place.

With these, you can provide the utmost transparency to your employees and clients.

Ligna makes it possible for you to develop training and automation materials for your clients and employees. You can do this via the Ligna Agency Portal. Here, you may present your training videos, webinars, documents, onboarding tools, and more.

Resources Available To The Agency

Beyond the features you have learned about above, with Ligna, you will also receive brilliant insights from individuals who are specialists in their fields, with whom you may complement your team so it expands more quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently. How does Ligna fare to its users?

What Customers Say About Ligna

To better understand and appreciate what Ligna does, we will take a look at customers who have purchased and used the software. You will get to read the most wonderful things they like about Ligna.

Customer Joe_Sumo writes, “Ligna has been great for me so far. Even one code is enough for many because of its unlimited websites. [Its web and funnel] builder is very nice and easy to use… For those looking for an all-in-one that also features [like] email and SMS campaigns plus social automation, Ligna's got it. Need to manage all your projects in the same space? Ligna it.”

“Ligna is an all-in-one sales and productivity tool that helps close clients, manage projects, and curate content – all while monitoring results. It's perfect for the business professional who wants to stay on top of their game without using multiple tools,” BenB says.

Ligna Pricing

How much budget should you prepare to enjoy the features of Ligna? For the Ligna pricing, you can choose between Agency, Agency Plus, and White Label Services. Carrying 10 users, Agency is at $97 per month, and Agency Plus is at $197 per month for 25 users. They both come with a seven-day free trial.

If you want to scale your agency efficiently, avail of the White Label Services. No pricing is listed on its official website, so you will have to coordinate with the Ligna representatives to acquire this.

How about discounts?

Get Discounts For Ligna On AppSumo

AppSumo offers discounted prices when you choose to use Ligna. There is the Single tier at a one-time purchase of $69 from $828. The Double tier is at a one-time purchase of $138 from $1,164. Then, you have the Multiple tier available at a one-time purchase of $207 from $1,584.

If you want to increase the value of your agency by selling and marketing with potential customers, you need a tool that will help provide for these needs. Ligna is the tool you must choose.

Ligna gives your agency the marketing, CRM, CMS, projects, support, portal, resources, and activity it needs to scale up, and succeed amidst the growing demands in the industry.

Run your business like never before. Use Ligna today.

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