Leverage Your SEO Near Me Strategy: Rank High For 'Near Me' Searches With iARTidea

Near me searches are keywords many businesses are looking to optimize. Here's how to increase your search visibility with this, and a service to help you.

Leverage Your SEO Near Me Strategy: Rank High For 'Near Me' Searches With iARTidea cover

Several people are used to searching for businesses and shops near them on search engines. They use keywords like "(business) near me" to find businesses that can provide for them nearby their locations. These are known as SEO Near Me searches. Your business is missing a lot of things if you are still not optimizing for "near me" searches. In order to rank and achieve high local ranking for these keywords and keyword-stuffed elements or literal keyword matching from consumers, you need to partner with the right SEO service.

Having said those, implementing a good SEO Near Me strategy is vital, especially now that more and more people are using their mobile phones and PCs to find businesses close to where they are. This has led to the popularity of "(business) near me" searches, as you have learned just earlier.

We get you, you want to make your business visible to these "near me" searchers. We got you covered. This article will tackle helpful tips so you can rank for "near me" searches in local search results. Plus, a fantastic service that can help you.

Leveraging Your SEO Near Me Strategy: Tips To Rank Higher For 'Near Me' Searches

The first thing you need to understand when optimizing for "near me" searches is that, you do not have to stuff your website pages with "near me" keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions, anchor text links, and the like. That's like taking a step forward and two steps back. Not good.

Also, you can make it your goal to optimize your entire website with "near me" terms but still end up ranking behind a competitor actually located closer to the searcher searching for your businesses.

And, on the other end of the spectrum, your business location may literally be the nearest to the searcher, yet you may still be outranked by competitors in "business near me" search results.

So, what should you do? Take heed of these tips.

Tip # 1: Be In The Know Of Your SEO Factors For 'Near Me' Searches

Believe it or not, there are local SEO factors that affect your ranking. Google has specified three primary factors that influence local search rankings and results, including "near me" searches. Here they are.


Relevance refers to how well your business or your site's content matches what a user is searching for. To improve your relevance and help match your business to relevant local searches, you need to have complete, detailed, and up-to-date information.

For instance, obviously, you are not going to rank in "Italian restaurant near me" searches if your online business information indicates you are operating a Japanese restaurant.


The second is distance. This refers to the distance between the indicated location or service area or your business on Google, and the location term used in a Google search query.

"Location" here refers simply to the user's location, determined according to location information about the device they use for searching. To give an example, if your Italian restaurant is situated 100 miles away from the searcher, you are unlikely to rank higher than a competitor just five miles away.


Then, you got prominence. This refers to the prominence of your business online and offline. According to a help article by Google, some places are "more prominent in the offline world," such as "famous museums, landmark hotels, or well-known store brands."

Online prominence is anchored on the type of information available over the Internet about your business. It includes the quantity and quality of your reviews, including your scores and ratings.

All the rest being equal, your Italian restaurant (in our example) can outrank a competitor in "near me" searches if you are diligent about collating more highly-rated reviews across a greater number of business review websites.

Tip # 2: Build And Grow Your Online Presence On Local Business Directories

Building and growing your presence on local business directories and business review websites can enhance your local search signals, and take you closer to customers looking for businesses to serve them nearby. So, invest in this.

As you conduct local listing management, be certain you prioritize directories that rank at the top of search results for "near me" search terms. So, how do you find out which ones these are? You can begin by performing a "near me" search that matches what your business is all about.

For instance, the top results for an "Italian restaurant near me" search on Google are from websites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Foursquare.

Then, you must claim and verify your listings. Be sure you update your business information, and ensure NAP consistency, or your Name, Address, and Phone number. Double-check if your contact details are right. You also need to add photos and videos wherever and whenever possible. If there are positive and negative reviews, respond to them in the right way, and develop a strategy around requesting for reviews or new reviews.

Are you managing a brand with several business locations? Invest in a local listing management solution. Doing so will enhance your efficiency in building your presence around the best directories, social media pages, and business review websites.

Tip # 3: Start To Cast A Wide Net For “Near Me” Variations

If you decide to optimize your top "near me" search keywords, you must extend your scope to include "near me" variations, such as what may appear, for example, on the search suggestions list.

Are you offering delivery options? Is your location open 24/7? Are you comparatively more affordable than your competitors?

If so, work these details out into your "near me" SEO keyword optimization efforts. Work on keywords like "Italian restaurants near me with delivery," "cheap Italian restaurants near me," "Italian restaurants near me open 24 hours," and the like.

That way, you are gaining more visibility among "near me" searchers who are searching for something really specific from a nearby business.

Tip # 4: Describe Your Business' Location Like You Are Giving Directions

While you are figuring out how to rank high for "near me" searches, it also helps to share vital information about your business as if you are giving directions to a first-time visitor.

For instance, on your website's pages, post which landmarks you are nearby or which neighborhoods you are in. You can also mention the non-competing businesses or popular spots you are nearby. You may also provide old-school driving directions. Add some exterior photos if possible. All these add up to relevant local content that have the capability to optimize, thereby benefitting your ranking in "near me" searches.

Tip # 5: Focus On Mobile And Make It Easier For Customers To Call

Local SEO statistics show most local searches, including "near me" searches, are done on mobile devices and tablets. Fifty-seven percent for mobile, and 42 percent for desktop. Furthermore, 14 percent of local searches happen when the user is looking for a place to visit immediately.

Meaning to say, more often than not, mobile searches for "near me" businesses possess an actionable intent.

One way to be found easier when searchers use this way is to make it easy for them to call you.

Obviously, you need to add your contact number to your website. This sends a behavioral signal (via mobile clicks to call) to Google and other search engines, letting them know your business is indeed near the searcher, and that it is easy for the searcher to contact and reach you via phone.

By doing so, you aid the mobile experience and make it convenient for "near me" searchers to connect with your business, something search engines will then reward with higher search results. Take it from us.

Tip 6: Collect Great Reviews

A well-thought-out online review management tactic can help you build better online "prominence," which you learned a while ago as one of the three primary factors that influence Google's local search results.

Other top factors that influence how and where a particular business appears in search results, including those for "near me" searches, according to independent researches, are review signals, which constitute quantity, velocity, and diversity of reviews.

Naturally, your SEO "near me" strategy should also entail you collecting new Google reviews. If you are not yet doing this, you can do this simply by creating and sharing a Google reviews link, so your customers can easily write reviews for your business.

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Does your business offer a product or service, but find it hard to rank higher on search engines, even if you know you are already using Google My Business features? For people to find your business, your business name, your digital marketing services, or your services near them, you got to leverage your SEO. To do so and to optimize your website, perhaps your Google business profile, you need to find an SEO expert that can provide what you truly need. These SEO experts will help you optimize your business website for online searches and optimize your website content by providing you with a strong SEO strategy that you can implement if you are looking to improve your search visibility.

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iARTidea, Providing Digital Marketing Services To Businesses

So what is iARTidea all about? iARTidea is a one-stop platform for businesses looking for assistance, as this offers various online services. It also creates websites and eCommerce sites. iARTidea also offers online marketing, amazing perks for members, video services, and practically everything you need to succeed in your business, especially if you are on eBay or Amazon.

Drive More Business Growth With iARTidea: Services It Offers

Here are the services that iARTidea offers.

1. Website Design And Blog Pages

The iARTidea team has the most valuable skills to design and transform your websites into stunning ones that can attract customers. Depending on your goals for your website, iARTidea utilizes WordPress, HTML, or any handy software, everything it takes to successfully build your website. Beyond those, iARTidea can also help you create an eCommerce store ready to offer and sell your products.

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3. App Store Creation

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4. Membership Privileges

Do you consider yourself having skills that break boundaries? Whether these are design skills or software-related skills, iARTidea could be your place to market these. Who knows, you can get your big break and be hired by high-paying clients. iARTidea is also a membership site, and is among the fewest websites that offer these opportunities. Don't you dare miss out on this.

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Aside from helping you sell your products on top eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, iARTidea also can find the right keywords to help you index them into your listing. The team also shares tips on creating your sales pages and receiving good feedback from customers. They also take charge of managing your listings' pay-per-click to ensure you target the right people with the right keywords.

Grow Your Business With iARTidea: Why Choose This Service

Below are the pointers on why you should choose to get SEO services and more from iARTidea.

What are you waiting for? Hire the best SEO professionals today from iARTidea.

Final Thoughts: Leveraging Your Digital Marketing And Local SEO Is Easy

"Near me" searches have become an increasingly essential feature in local search. If you are optimizing for local search, learning how to rank for these "near me" searches is important. - SEO Near Me

You can get started by implementing the tips listed above. These should help boost your business' online visibility in "near me" searches, so you can garner more highly-targeted customers straight at your doorstep.