Kendo Near Me: Learn The Way Of The Sword In The US Hwa Rang Kwan Kendo Dojo In Virginia And Maryland

Kendo is a martial arts practice that uses a sword as the main weapon. If you are looking for a good Kendo dojo, visit US Hwa Rang Kwan in VA and MD.

Kendo Near Me: Learn The Way Of The Sword In The US Hwa Rang Kwan Kendo Dojo In Virginia And Maryland cover

Martial arts refer to codified systems and traditions of combat practiced for a wide range of purposes, and one of these is self-defense. These are also practiced in military and law enforcement applications, as well as in competitions. They are also for entertainment; physical, mental, and spiritual development; and the preservation of a nation's intangible cultural heritage.

There are several benefits, even benefits for a person's health and well-being, when you choose to get involved in martial arts. Some of these benefits include:

Originating mostly in Japan, there are several kinds of martial arts, and one of the most popular ones is Japanese kendo instruction or kendo martial arts. In this article, we will learn what kendo is and why you should enroll in kendo / kumdo classes. So, prepare your kendo stick, kendo sword, and kendo uniform or kendo armor, because you are going to immerse into the world of kendo starting right now.

Kendo Near Me

What Is Kendo?

So what is kendo? For some, kendo is a martial art, and interestingly enough, for others, it is a martial way.

The All Japan Kendo Federation has once explained the concept and goal of kendo. It says, “The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application and principles of the Katana (sword)."

It adds, "The purpose of practicing Kendo is to mold the mind and body, to cultivate a vigorous spirit, and through correct and rigid training, to strive for improvement in the art of Kendo, to hold in esteem human courtesy and honor..."

At first glance, kendo may look like there's a lot of shouting and whacking each other with sticks. Yet, this martial arts has its roots in the Middle Ages in Japan for samurai to practice sword techniques at full speed without killing and crippling each other. Taking a closer look, you will see that just as the samurai of old, practitioners of kendo practice with boken or wooden swords, all while doing kata or pre-arranged combat movements done with no contact. When practitioners put on their bogu, or armor, they substitute boken for a shinai or the bamboo sword, so they can engage at full speed. Yes, your observations are right. You will also notice that in kendo, there is a lot of bowing. Practitioners bow before, during and after practice, and this is one of the most important parts of kendo -- this is Respect.

Why You Should Learn Kendo

This time, you are going to find out the benefits of learning kendo. Read on.

Kendo Is A Fascinating Form Of Exercise

Kendo is an interesting and fascinating way to exercise. Most beginners' classes start out very gently, emphasizing injury prevention. The intensity of the training gradually picks up as the weeks of learning go by. A person need not be in good fitness condition to start kendo training. This is because regular kendo training can gradually and safely improve your condition.

It Is A Great Stress Reliever

Modern daily life, and its hustle and bustle tend to produce physical tension and emotional stress, to name a few. Kendo is your excellent way to build up your spirit, relax your body, and achieve emotional calmness and confidence. It helps practitioners be full of life, energy, and positive spirit, without forgetting its benefits to calm and relax the body. We cannot take the stresses out of our lives, but for sure we can change how we respond to stress.

It Promotes Personal Development

Kendo is considered a modern Japanese swordsmanship martial art, and at the same time, an exciting modern sport that encourages the development of the individual through group training.

Kendo teaches a unique way of understanding relationships with other people. It fosters respect and appreciation for others, the teachers, the training partners, the family, and the community. This then leads to self-respect, self-discovery, and a feeling of self-worth. One of the best ways to further understand and believe in ourselves is to emphasize caring and understanding for others. These are all possible when you learn kendo.

Time To Learn Kendo From US Hwa Rang Kwan In Virginia And Maryland

Everything starts and happens in a kendo / kumdo club. If you are looking for a good kendo / kumdo club where you can begin learning this art of Japanese and Korean combat style, new students in Chantilly, Virginia, and Columbia, Maryland, are recommended to check out US Hwa Rang Kwan. What is this all about?

Find Them In Maryland And Virginia

US Hwa Rang Kwan is a martial arts school that is dedicated to promoting and teaching kendo or kumdo in the Washington DC metropolitan area. This school also has locations in Columbia, Maryland, and Chantilly, Virginia.

With A Focus On Self-Development

This kumdo / kendo dojo offers classes for students seven years old and older. US Hwa Rang Kwan's focus is not on self-defense, but instead on self-development through inner strength, spiritual maturity, calmness of the soul, and pure heart. These principles, fused with strength and speed, are the essence of kendo.

A Certified Kendo School

US Hwa Rang Kwan holds an affiliation and a certification from the Korea Kumdo Association in the area. It is also affiliated with GWMKF or the Greater Washington Metropolitan Kumdo Federation. GWMKF is a subdivision of Korea Kumdo Association. US Hwa Rang Kwan's mission is to promote and teach the highest level of kumdo in the Washington DC area, and other parts of the United States.

Popular Quora Questions On Kendo Answered!

Are you a sensei or a beginner in the world of kendo? Learn more about the way of the sword as we answer some popular questions on Quora about the martial art of kendo.

How Many Different Types Of Martial Arts Are There? How Do They Differ From Each Other?

There are around 180 different types of martial arts around the world. They comprise thousands of fighting styles, techniques, and forms. Most of the popular martial arts styles originate from Asia, but some martial arts are from other parts of the world.

Like the many types of sports around, the different types of martial arts differ according to the way they are performed. There are distinct differences, then there are also similarities. For instance, the martial arts karate emphasizes striking techniques like punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes, and open-handed techniques such as the karate chop.

What Are The Best Martial Art Styles For Defense And Offense?

There are several types of martial arts today, and because of this, it can be tough to choose. But, if you are looking for the best martial art styles for defense and offense, you might want to consider learning kendo.

Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art that has its origins from kenjutsu. It uses bamboo swords and protective armor. Nowadays, kendo is widely practiced in Japan and has also spread to several nations worldwide.

Learn The Japanese Martial Arts Kendo From US Hwa Rang Kwan Kendo Dojo

As you have learned earlier, kendo pertains to the Japanese martial art of swordsmanship that makes use of bamboo swords known as shinai and protective armor called bogu. At US Hwa Rang Kwan, this modern kendo dojo and club focuses on building strong fundamentals for which every advanced technique rests on, and advancement in ranking and success in tournaments are vital. They place emphasize on training hard and diligently, training properly, and having fun.

Like all martial arts, kendo is a fantastic way to build not only character, but also discipline and confidence, no matter as to whether you are a beginner or an advanced kendo practitioner. If you are searching on Google for the "best kendo classes near me," or the "best kendo dojo near me," look no further than at US Hwa Rang Kwan. They look forward to seeing you.

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