How to Find the Best Tattoo Designs That Won’t Look Like a Misfit (Even If You Aren’t a Girl)

Whether you’re getting inked for the first time or you’re going for a touch-up, getting the right design is important. Choose the right Tattoo design.

How to Find the Best Tattoo Designs That Won’t Look Like a Misfit (Even If You Aren’t a Girl)

From a graphic design perspective, a tattoo is like a billboard for the human body. It’s a bold statement of who you are, and what you want to say to the world.



For the last few years, I’ve been getting tattoos. I love them! And when I tell people that, they usually make one of two remarks. “Oh, you’re an artist!” or, “You’re a badass!” Both of those are true, but not the point. I really don’t care what anyone thinks of my art. But I do care about my appearance.

As you know, the tattoo industry has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. And if you’ve never tried it, you might be surprised by how much it can cost you. Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or you’re looking to get some new designs on your arms, there are things you can do to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. The first step is to pick the right artist. There are a lot of ways to go about finding someone to work with, but most of them involve sending a bunch of e-mails or calling up random tattoo shops to ask for recommendations. While this might seem like a great way to find the perfect tattoo artist, it won’t get you the kind of results you’re after. To get the best possible tattoo design, you need to do your homework. This includes going through a list of requirements you want in a tattoo artist and finding out as much about them as possible.

Most tattoo designs look like misfits on people. This is especially true of men. But not any more. Check out tattoo design ideas for best-fitting any man’s body.

Tattoo Designs

Getting tattooed is a big decision for any woman, so it’s important to consider all aspects of getting a tattoo, such as what kind of tattoo design you want, how much you are willing to spend on the process, and if it’ Want to get some inspiration? Then check out the website, where you'll find thousands of tattoo images to use for your design. There are thousands of new and used tattoos available for sale. Check out some of the best ones.

Understand the Different Types of Tattoos

There are hundreds of different types of tattoos. Some people get a single word or phrase. Others get a design that represents an important part of their identity. Still others get a tattoo of a date they will never forget, like their wedding anniversary or a birthday. A very small percentage of people even get tattoos of meaningless words and phrases just because they like the way the ink looks on their skin. However, most people who get a tattoo do so with one (or more) specific intention in mind. By understanding what that intention is, you can use it to craft a sales message that resonates. Here are some examples: If your reader wants to leave an unforgettable mark on someone special, a tattoo that says “Forever” or “Love” is an effective choice. If he or she wants to make a statement about their pride and independence, a tattoo that expresses that is appropriate. And if he or she wants to leave a reminder of a significant achievement, getting the name of his or her company or product inked in permanent marker is a good idea.

There are three different types of tattoos: traditional, geometric, and modern. Modern tattoos have advanced significantly over the last few decades. Nowadays, there are thousands of unique, trendy, and beautiful designs to choose from. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, the first step is to find a reputable artist who is a good “fit” for you. There are many ways to do this: Ask your friends and family for recommendations, check out online forums and discussion groups dedicated to discussing body art, read reviews of tattoo artists on sites like Yelp and Google+, and so on. Once you’ve identified a few artists, call them and ask for references. Request that they send you photos of past work so you can evaluate whether or not the style and subject matter of their work is something you want to get tattooed on your body.

Start With What You Want

The first thing you should do is consider about what you are getting tattooed on. It's important to be careful when it comes to choosing the design. If you choose a design that isn't appealing, it won't look good. When you are thinking about what to get tattooed on your body, make sure that it's something that you will be happy with in the long term.

Research Tattoo Designs

Best Designs

Best Designs

If you want a great tattoo, you have to decide what kind of design you want to have. The design that you choose should reflect who you are and what you stand for. It's important to be yourself, so don't change what you are. If you want a unique tattoo, then you need to get something that really reflects what you are.

Even though the artist is great, the artist is a god to choose the perfect design. You need:

To find and research the right tattoo designs, we found this popular site you can try.

Here are some features you will access:

Get Ready

When you find your tattoo design, visit your artist and discuss the best fit for your needs.

The most popular and trend Tattoo design book on Amazon

The World Atlas of Tattoo

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"This book—part global art historical tome, part coffee-table book of visual wonders—is a valuable corrective to many silly things that we assume about tattooing."—The New Republic

Common mistakes when getting a tattoo

Common mistakes

Common mistakes

Getting a tattoo is an important step for many people. Whether you want to make an important statement or show off your favorite drawings, getting a tattoo is a good idea. It's important to consider the permanence of a tattoo, but you have to do your research and make sure you are getting your ink from a reputable source. Trust me, your body is your canvas and only you can decide what you want permanently inscribed upon it.

People who get tattoos often make these very common mistakes. They are:

Getting a tattoo color that completely matches or is similar to your skin tone or color

Drinking before or after

Don't get drunk and start doing stupid stuff. You'll only end up regretting it later.

"Alcohol thins your blood, which means excess bleeding. When you bleed more than normal, it can cause visibility issues for the artist, potentially compromising the quality of the design. Excess bleeding can also thin the ink."

Not doing your research

Getting a tattoo should be a very big decision and should be handled with the care and responsibility that goes along with making this kind of permanent statement about yourself. You shouldn't start selling on Amazon or other platforms without doing your research either. There are a zillion things (both good and bad) about selling on Amazon that you need to know before you put your foot down on the pedal. You need to make sure that you get an artist who listens and understands your vision, and that you're confident in them as an artist to work with.

To ensure you’ve got a trustworthy partner, it’s important to check out the individual's past work. His or her (your client’s) style should vibe with your message. If it doesn’t, ask questions and re-work the ad or the style until it does. Each artist has a particular area of expertise. Some are good at lettering, while others are better at portraiture. If you are doing any research, you will end up regretting and spending more to cover the design later.

Tattooing fingers, feet, or palms

No one should ever get a tattoo unless it means something very important to that person. In fact, it should mean something so important that the person wants to have it tattooed in permanent ink on his / her body.

It’s not a good idea to get tattoos on the fingers, palms or soles of your feet. These areas have a tendency to turn yellow, or even black, as the skin naturally heals, and the tattoo ink will often bleed through, making your new tattoo look messy.

Going too small

Your skin is the largest organ; it's important to take care of it. That means cleansing it properly, treating minor skin problems before they become major ones and protecting it from the sun, wind, cold weather and the rest of the elements of nature. Trying to create designs in a small space could make the ink line bleed into one another, or make it so small that it just looks like a blemish. Discussing scale with your artist will make sure the painting looks right. A painting that looks right is important, because it will be a pleasant and lasting reminder of your special day.

Trying to fit too much in

You want an image that will make your friends and family proud when they see it, proclaim your love for your favorite cartoon characters or anime character, express your appreciation for the world’s best football team, and give a nod to your obsession with manga. An excellent idea. It's never a good idea too many images or concepts into a design. It makes it difficult to focus and remember what's important. Crowding the design makes it harder to read and look at, so this is the first thing I do when I am asked to create a design for a client. It also makes it more difficult for the person receiving the tattoo to figure out what the tattoo artist is trying to tell them.

Not dressing appropriately

If you're getting a tattoo that's going to take a long time, you should wear things that are loose and comfortable. That way you won't have to keep adjusting them every time you need to use the restroom. You're going to have to take a few deep breaths and be still.

Freehand Designs

It's important to bring a drawing to a tattoo artist or describe what you want to be drawn in some detail so that they have a clear idea of what you're looking for. Don’t put off getting a stencil; it’s worth the extra couple minutes to make sure you aren’t marking an area that will be difficult or impossible to ink. Freehand design could be very unique, but can go very wrong on the skin.

Paying Tips to Your Artist

Tip your artist just like you would at a restaurant, between 15% and 35%.



1. Decide what kind of tattoo you want and where you want it on your body.

2. Choose a tattoo design you like and find out where the closest tattoo parlor is to your home or wherever you work.

3. Tell the tattoo artist you have an idea for a tattoo but you want it to be unique and original. You can simply research on the tattoo website.

4. Let the artist guide you; don’t worry about getting it perfect right away. Just let it develop over time.

5. Ask the artist to add small touches here and there until you are completely satisfied.

6. Go back every few months and have the artist tweak it a little to make sure it looks good forever.


“Tattoos have come a long way invented by ancient people in Asia 5,000 years ago. Today, people all over the world get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. Some get them because they want to express a certain idea or feeling. Others get them because they want to have a constant reminder of a special event in their lives. Still others get tattoos because they want to have a unique and permanent way to identify themselves. Whatever the reason, there are now so many choices when it comes to getting a tattoo, it can be hard to pick that will truly reflect you as a person and won’t end up looking like a bad choice.”

it’s time for us to leave the realm of tattoo design and head off to the other world of body art, that of tattooing. I hope by now you have learned a lot about body art in general. Let’s start with the basics. What is a tattoo? Permanent design that is placed on a part of your body. The most common locations are the back, chest, shoulder blades, or arms. Tattoos are usually black in color. The designs may be simple or elaborate. Tattoos are very popular and have been around for centuries. Some people are afraid of tattoos because they think it will look horrible on them or that it will be hard to remove. For some, though, tattoos are an expression of their personality and their style.

Finding the right tattoo design is all about what you want it to say to people about you and who you are, both now and in the future. A lot of people choose tattoo designs that are meaningful and/or relate to them on an emotional level. Whether you’re trying to get the perfect tattoo or just picking something that makes sense for you personally, make sure that you have a good idea of what you’re looking for and be honest with yourself about how it will translate into permanent art.

If you want to see some neat tattoo ideas? Well then, click here to see some free best tattoo designs.