Funny Halloween Costumes For Couples Ideas

Celebrating Halloween, some people want to be as spooky as they can. While others, they just want to show the fun side of the occasion. Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just right around the corner. You know there are several activities people do to celebrate this occasion. There are some who do trick-or-treat (mostly the kids), and others love to decorate their homes with Halloween decorations. And for those who really want to feel the vibe of this spooky festival, they wear Halloween costumes, such as funny Halloween costumes.

Interestingly enough, the Halloween celebrations are also for couples who want to show their love for one another by wearing matching Halloween costumes that are not only spooky but also fun.

Best 8 Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

So without further ado, we present eight funny Halloween costumes for couples that are as romantic as they can be, yet without leaving the scary lane.


1. Spooktacular Creations Loofah And Soap Costume For Adult Group or Couples

The first on our list of funny Halloween costume ideas for couples is this Loofah and Soap Costume for adult groups and couples by Spooktacular Creations. Feel like you want to promote good hygiene as you couple attend the Halloween party? This one is for you.

The costume set includes a soap bar jumpsuit and a loofah jumpsuit, plus bubble balloons, shower cap, and stickers. Attach the stickers the way you want it, and there is also double-sided velcro provided for the balloons to mimic bubbles.

Easy to wash, this costume is not only perfect for Halloween, but also for baby showers, carnivals, and so much more.




2. Party City S'mores Snack Couple Halloween Costume

Meanwhile, if you and your significant other are foodies, and want to showcase the food adventurers in you this Halloween, you better wear this s’mores snack couple Halloween costume by Party City.

The package includes two tunics and two comfortable graham cracker tunics, one with toasted marshmallow and the other with chocolate.

Made with 100 percent polyester, this costume will definitely let you dress as a pretty sweet treat.




3. Rasta Imposta Tequila Bottle And Lime Slice Couple's Costume

Do you love a good tequila? You might want to share this love for the famous Mexican drink with your friends or relatives as the couple attends the Halloween party dressed up as, what else, tequila!

This Halloween costume includes two tunics. One of you will be dressed up as a bottle of tequila, while the other will be dressed up as lime. The tequila tunic, however, is printed only on the front, but that will not crash the fun. Both tunics are constructed of polyfoam knit for superior comfort.

The costume is expertly designed and made in Runnemede, New Jersey.




4. Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Unicorn Costume

If you are still thinking of what fun costume to wear this Halloween, you are right here on this page to stop the hopeless thinking. What if you wear a unicorn-inspired costume?

Unicorns are popular costume designs for parties. This Spooktacular Creations package includes the instruction sheet, inflatable unicorn suit, and air pump. The air pump requires a portable power bank or batteries.

You can wear this for Halloween costume parties, Halloween dress-ups, Halloween night events, Halloween trick-or-treating events, and more.

The brand also offers a money-back guarantee to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Step into the world of fantasy with this costume right now.



5. Hauntlook Two Peas In A Pod Halloween Couples Costume

Another unique and popular costume for Halloween is this inspired by peas in a pod. Perfect for Halloween couples, besties, and pals to wear, this costume from Hauntlook includes two identical pea pod costumes in classic and vibrant green colors.

They are easy to wear and take off because they are pullover costumes – like your pullover clothes – that fit right over your clothes.

Ideal for Halloween night events, vegetable role play, healthy food fairs, bar crawls, and so much more. With this costume, you do not have to worry and can always “pea happy.”



6. Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Costume Riding An Ostrich

Here is another fun Halloween costume idea from Spooktacular Creations. You will definitely stand out during the event as this costume features the wearer riding an ostrich. You read that right. It is a full-sized ostrich inflatable with this costume.

The package includes the instruction sheet, inflatable ostrich pants, air pump, and explorer’s hat. The brand offers a money-back guarantee to ensure total customer satisfaction.



7. California Costumes Adult Baby Costume

Surely, this costume will bring out laughter among the crowd when you wear it for your Halloween parties. Here, you dress up light adult babies. Costume design comes with bibs, pacifiers, milk bottles, diapers, and more.

You can choose whether you wear the multi-colored costume or the costume in white and tan.



8. Tigerdoe Toothbrush And Toothpaste Costumes

We started off our list with soap and loofah costumes, and we are ending this rundown with an equally funny, hygiene-inspired costume. Dress up as a toothbrush and toothpaste with this funny costume from the Tigerdoe brand.

The set includes a toothbrush costume and a toothpaste costume. It is the perfect couple costume not just for Halloween, but also for themed parties, dress-up parties, and so much more.



Most Searched Questions On Quora, Answered!

Here we are again, answering the most frequently asked questions on Quora. Let us begin, Halloween-style.

1. What Are Some Fun Halloween Costume Ideas For Groups?

Attending a Halloween event that requires costumes as a group? It is not difficult to find fun costume ideas, especially if you know where to begin. Here are some fun Halloween costume ideas for groups.

First, the Soda Bottles Costume. This costume transforms the group into soda bottles. Who wants to be cherry soda, lime soda, and orange soda?

Second, there is the Pint of Ice Cream Costume. Show how “cool” you are with this ice cream-inspired costume.

Third, the Alice in Wonderland costumes. If you are a fan of fairy tales, these costumes for groups are the perfect set for you. Dress up as Alice, the Hare, and the Mad Hatter.

2. What Are The Most Ridiculous Halloween Costumes?

Wear a ridiculous Halloween costume if you want to feel different and break the boundaries of the occasion being spooky. Bring out the joy and the laughter among everybody. Any of these ridiculous Halloween costumes are perfect. You can dress up as Joe Exotic “Tiger King,” the Dancing Pallbearers, or Donald Trump.

3. What Are Some Halloween Costumes For 3 Boys And 2 Girls?

We are more than happy to answer your question. It can be hard to find the perfect Halloween costumes for a group if you are not familiar with pop culture. Perhaps the easiest choice when it comes to costumes for three boys and two girls as a group is the comics.

You can be the male and female superheroes from the Justice League. The boys can be Superman, Batman, and the Flash, while the girls can be Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl.

If you want the other side, that is, the villains. You can also try being the characters of The Suicide Squad, or the group of archenemies that are fighting DC Comics’ mightiest superheroes. The boys can be Deadshot, King Shark, and El Diablo, while the girls can be Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

If you do not want the costumes to be from DC Comics since you are a fan of its competitor, Marvel, the boys can dress up as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange. The girls can dress up as Wasp and Storm.

4. What Are Some Good Group Costume Ideas For A Guy And Two Girls?

Looking for good group costume ideas for a guy and two girls? You do not have to spend so much time just finding a good costume set. We got ideas for you.

You may refer to movies or television shows that feature a love triangle among a guy and two girls.

One idea could be Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and Mary Boleyn for a history-inspired costume set. The other could be more laidback, dressing up as Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, and Sharpay Evans from “High School Musical.”

5. What Are Some Halloween Costume Ideas For A Group Of 4?

Are you attending the Halloween party in a group of four? Here are some costume ideas for you.

First, you can dress up as the characters in Scooby-Doo. Modify as you remove Scooby-Doo, or include Scooby-Doo as you leave one of the human characters.

Or, dress up as The Beatles. This might even win you an award if the party is a costume competition.

The Funniest Halloween Celebration (With Love) Awaits

When it comes to wearing Halloween costumes to celebrate the affair, there are those who want to be as spooky as they can be, wearing costumes of monsters in folklore, ghosts, witches, and the like. But there are also those who just want to share the fun side of the occasion.

There you have it, eight of the best and funniest Halloween costumes that couples can wear for this holiday. Try any of these funny Halloween costumes as you celebrate the occasion with your special someone.