Dog DNA Tests: Your Ultimate Guide

Should you do a dog DNA test? Here, we will uncover what dog DNA tests can tell you. These are a necessity more than what you can possibly imagine.

Dog DNA Tests: Your Ultimate Guide cover

Will you be surprised if you are told that owning a pet dog is more than just cuddling with them, walking them outdoors, or feeding them with their favorite pet food? Sometimes, it is also about finding out about their heritage. Have you ever tried DNA testing your dog? In this article, we will dig deeper into the what’s, how’s, and why’s of dog DNA testing, and present to you some of the best dog DNA test kits around. Read on.

If you are curious about what lies behind your dog’s mischievous antics, perhaps their coat, a DNA test may be fun and informative. Aside from learning about their genetics, DNA testing your dog can also reveal potential health conditions, helping you further protect your pet’s health.

Before we head over to the reasons why you should DNA test your dog, let us find out what dog DNA tests are and how they work.

Dog DNA Tests: What Are They?

DNA tests for dogs are designed to replace the guesswork with real scientific facts about your furry friend. To carry out a DNA test for your dog, you need DNA test kits. These DNA test kits can reveal a dog’s breed composition, genetic traits, and genetic markers. It can also help you identify potential health conditions and ailments for which they may be more at risk.

How A Dog DNA Test Works

If you buy an at-home dog DNA test kit, all you need is a sample of your pet’s saliva and cheek cells to identify their genetic makeup. Here is how it works.

Are you finding it difficult to swab your dog? Fret not. If you do, you can wait for their annual checkup and ask your veterinarian to assist you in collecting the sample. You can also check with them if they perform DNA testing. Or, you can instead choose a veterinarian-administered DNA test, which often requires a blood sample from your dog.

Pet experts say the main difference between carrying out an at-home DNA test and getting one from your veterinarian is having the veterinarian interpret the data.

Should You DNA Test Your Dog? The Benefits

So, should you DNA test your dog? We suggest that you do. There are several benefits to DNA testing them.

1. Anticipate Their Average Size And Lifespan

When it comes to the lifespan of their pet dog, some furry parents know when their dog will die, and others do not. Knowing their lifespan – and how big they might become – will help manage your expectations. And when you know how big they can be, you can prepare to create the right amount of space for them in your residence.

2. Know Their Personality Traits Common To Some Breeds

Discovering your dog’s specific needs based on their breed makeup can offer insight into their behavior, which can also be helpful with training.

3. Understand And Prevent Potential Health Conditions

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of DNA testing your dog. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Knowing the risks common to particular breeds, or mixed breed dogs, can affect how your vet cares for your dog. DNA health tests for your dog can reveal if you need to change their lifestyle or the food they eat.

4. Discover Hidden characteristics

DNA tests for your dog can also help you discover which genes your dog may carry but not display, and this benefit is especially helpful for dog breeders.

5. Prove Their Pedigree

If your dog has puppies, you can provide future families with the results of their DNA. This is particularly helpful for families seeking DNA-certified purebred pedigrees.

6. Map Out Their Fur Family

Some dog DNA tests come with access to a canine relative finder. This way, you can connect to your dog’s relatives, and thus, you can map out a family tree.

Getting Started: Get To Know The Best Dog DNA Test Kits

For you to successfully carry out a DNA test for your dog, you need to use a DNA test kit. What are the best DNA test kits you can find? Keep on reading.

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1. ORIVET Genopet Dog DNA Test

One of the best dog DNA test kits on the market today is that from ORIVET. It is a proprietary dog DNA test that can reveal the breeds that make up your furry friend. With this test kit, you can receive the breed percentages report that specifies the exact breed percentages of your dog.

This dog breed identification test from ORIVET also includes a life plan for the ultimate management of your pet dog’s health throughout their living years. This life plan includes a schedule you can follow together with your veterinarian, so that you can implement a customized wellness plan for your pet.

The ORIVET dog DNA report also includes your pet’s very own personalized wellness plan based on their breed, age, gender, weight, geographic location, and lifestyle.

2. Dna My Dog Genetic Testing Kit

Another great dog DNA test kit is this from Dna My Dog. This kit is designed to determine every breed in your dog via a very simple, at-home DNA cheek swab kit. This test kit is for over 350 dog breeds.

The DNA test results include a report on each breed and by percentage, found in your dog’s unique DNA. The results also include a custom certificate and report. They also include a full Breed Determination Report and Canine Breed DNA Analysis Certificate. It also lists all breeds by Level Percentage of every breed in your dog’s genetic makeup. Get the results in two weeks or less upon the receipt of the sample.

By testing your dog’s DNA, you can know their health concerns, personality traits, and breeds, helping you become more proactive when taking good care of your pet.

3. Embark Breed Identification Kit

If you are looking for an accurate dog DNA test and do not want the choices earlier, you can go for this breed identification kit from Embark.

Embark tests more than 230,000 genetic markers, twice as many as those that other brands can do. Like the previous product on this list, it screens for over 350 dog breeds.

With this DNA test kit, you can find and connect with your pups’s family through the world’s first canine relative finder, brought to you by Embark. More than 90 percent of dogs Embark has tested have a close relative, like a cousin, and 12 percent discover a direct family member. Interesting, right?

Let’s Answer Some Quora Questions About Our Topic For Today

Now that you have learned so much about dog DNA tests, let us hear it from the netizens. Curious about what the community says about our topic, dog DNA testing? The best place to find out what people think is Quora. So, we researched some of the most popular Quora questions about this topic, and we are answering them right now.

How Accurate Are Dog DNA Tests?

Nowadays, there are so many brands that offer dog DNA testing via their DNA test kits. Many of these brands claim their tests are accurate, but some veterinarians and genetic experts are not ready to give these kits a seal of accuracy.

However, this does not mean these DNA test kits are a waste of your money, or that they provide wrong information, but dog owners should take these results with a grain of salt.

How Much Does A Dog DNA Test Cost At The Vet?

With a veterinarian, you can expect a dog DNA test to cost from $100 to $300. If you are doing it instead in a laboratory, the costs for high-quality dog DNA tests for a single animal range from $60 to $170 (or more, depending on the lab) when directly ordering from an accredited laboratory.

What Will A Dog DNA Test Tell You?

A dog DNA test can tell you the following: your pet’s behavior and temperament, how big or small they can be, health risks they may face in the future, and details on their physical traits.

Wrap Up

Dogs are special just the way they are. However, DNA testing them can help you better take care of your pet by better understanding their breed and any red flags that should be raised for future health issues – perfect their genes hold a disease just like how it works in human beings.

You can use a dog DNA test kit to get started. However, be cautious when applying the test results. Always coordinate with your veterinarian so they can help interpret the dog DNA test results and what they mean for their health.

Dog DNA tests are easy to accomplish and are also very affordable. And, of course, the greatest benefit of these DNA tests is getting to know your furry best friend even better.