Divi Builder Vs. Brizy, Your Best WordPress Designer

This time, we're going to compare two of the best WordPress designer for your website and business. Competitive, right? Presenting, Divi Builder and Brizy.

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Creating, designing, and launching a website provide several benefits for your business. Having a website catapults your online presence, increases your credibility, cuts your business' costs, and expands your market. Websites also have the power to advertise your products, let you provide a reliable customer support, and offer you a fantastic growth opportunity. But before you can launch your website, you need a WordPress designer.

In this review, we are going to take a look at two of the best WordPress designers today, Divi Builder and Brizy. Are you ready?

Divi Builder Vs. Brizy: Which Is The Better WordPress Designer?

Whether you are an individual, a business, or an agency, one of the things you have to do when building your website is to work closely with a web builder, such as a WordPress designer. There are two great WordPress designers out there, and we'll begin our comparison right now.


WordPress designer

Divi Builder

DiviBuilder is your advanced WordPress page building solution that is constantly improved and refined. Its templating system is well-loved by many, and its visual builder and legacy builder editing modes are capable of simplifying the often grueling task of creating professional layouts.

This WordPress designer is rightfully regarded as one of the best drag-and-drop page builders on the market today. This renowned WordPress plugin lets you create complex responsive website layouts in minutes without using any code.

Thus, even if you have no experience designing websites, you can build stunning websites with Divi Builder and introduce rich media into your content, such as stylish text, images, forms, videos, tables, and a whole lot more.

WordPress designer


On the other hand, Brizy is a free WordPress page builder in React. It represents a brand-new way of building websites with WordPress, and it is both innovative and very easy to use.

It is relatively younger compared with other WordPress designers. It was only released in April 2018 but the well-known ThemeFuse company. Despite being new, it is already showing so much prowess. Its free version has reached over 50,000 active installations which speak volumes on how well this builder can perform.

Plus, it has a nice and intuitive interface thanks to React technology. It also comes with a bunch of unique features that you will not find in other page builders. You'll learn more about them in just a bit.

Features You Can Implement

Divi Builder

Here are the features of Divi Builder:

WordPress designer


On the other hand, here are the features of Brizy:

WordPress designer

Let's Analyze Their Pricing

Divi Builder

Divi Builder has a very simple pricing plan. There are only two options: the Yearly Access at $80 per year and the Lifetime Access where you have to pay one time at $249.

A free trial is also available.


Meanwhile, Brizy has more pricing options. They have the Brizy WordPress, which is an installable WordPress plugin you host, and the Brizy Cloud, which is an all-inclusive SaaS platform Brizy hosts.

For the Brizy WordPress, you got the Personal at $49 per year, the Freelancer at $99 per year, and the Agency at $199 per year.

For the Brizy Cloud, there's the Yearly and Monthly option. For the Yearly option, you got the Personal at $79 per year, the Freelancer at $299 per year, and the Agency at $499 per year. Those are 20 percent off. For the Monthly option, the Personal is at $9 per month, the Freelancer is at $29 per month, and the Agency is at $49 per month.

It has a "free forever" plan.

Up next, we're going to be concluding our comparison, and provide you with our verdict. But before that, let's take a look at more information you should know when designing and creating your WordPress website.

Recommended: Outsourcing WordPress Theme Designers

According to a report on VentureBeat, 30 percent of the websites on the entire Internet are powered by WordPress. This makes it the top content management system worldwide. Therefore, the theme you choose for your website will bring a huge impact on how effectively it engages and converts visitors.

If the theme does not look good, does not load properly or loads too slowly, or if it does not work with the plug-ins you're using, it will be difficult for you to get the traffic or conversions you're seeking. To get a great-looking and top-performing website, it is recommended that you take the time to find the best WordPress designer to hire. There are a lot of WordPress theme designers around.

How To Choose The Right WordPress Designer

When it comes to choosing the right WordPress theme designers, there are various things to consider.


The right designer is the one who is hand-vetted by their company's in-house team. There are three categories here, entry-level, mid-level, and top-level.

When you work with a top-level WordPress theme designer, you can expect top-notch communication and work from an experienced designer with an extensive portfolio of their work.

However, do not assume that entry level designers would not be able to produce a fantastic WordPress theme. In this category, usually, are young designers who are still working to build their portfolios. Entry level means a designer is new, but can meet the criteria for conceptual thought, execution of design principles, communication skills, and technical skills for the satisfaction of clients.

WordPress Theme Design Experience

Working with WordPress, of course, is all about working within the confines of the CMS. WordPress is a flexible platform, but it still has its boundaries. An experienced WordPress theme designer is aware of these boundaries and can design themes that fit within them.

Having said those, know that designing a WordPress theme is a niche process more than a regular web design work. A competent WordPress designer creates themes that can easily be coded to work on the platform. You can find several designers who have proven their WordPress chops by working on various projects using the CMS.


We would not promote WordPress theme designers who are unable to work professionally with clients, of course. Working professionally means taking the time to effectively communicate and be proactive about resolving potential issues before they even arise.

It also means meeting deadlines, using the constructive criticism they get to further improve their work, and engaging with clients in a friendly and positive way.

So, we would come down to this. WordPress theme designers who consistently produce effective WordPress themes, or those that make websites look beautiful, run well, and ultimately, convert audiences, should be your top choices.

Things To Consider When Hiring A WordPress Designer: New Resource 2023

There are some things to consider when you're looking for a WordPress theme designer. Some of these are very objective. You can hire a WordPress theme designer who is familiar on how to make a theme mobile-friendly. Differentiate them from those who are not. Other considerations are more subjective, such as whether a designer's creative flair and style fit with yours.

The objective considerations are:

The subjective considerations are:

Are You All Set To Hire A Great Freelance WordPress Theme Designer?

When you need to hire a WordPress theme designer, you must hire someone who thinks about the technical limits and possibilities, and works them into the designs. In this way, the right WordPress theme designer is more like an interior designer or an architect than a painter or illustrator. Their design flair rests upon an understanding of how their designs work. Remember, your website's WordPress theme is your visitors' first point of contact with your business. Even if the design is perfect, poor functionality can drive the world away. Trust on these matters about WordPress designers. We vetted them ourselves.

Now That You've Learned Two Of The Best Web Designers For WordPress, Let's Answer Some Popular Questions About Our Topic

1. Which Is Better, Divi Or Brizy?

Divi Builder and Brizy are two of the best WordPress designers today. While each comes from a different developer, they mostly share the same general features when it comes to building your website. However, Divi Builder may have features that Brizy does not have, and vice versa. At the end of the day, it will depend upon your needs.

2. Does WordPress Require Coding?

WordPress is known as a flexible CMS that lets users create and run a website. While WordPress uses the PHP programming language, many can operate a WordPress website without coding.

Doing Business With The Best WordPress Website Designer: The Verdict

Nowadays, websites, such as custom WordPress websites, have become an indispensable part of every business, not just online businesses. If you want to reach out to more customers, no matter what their salary rates are, you need a website.

When it comes to building a great website, you can either do it on your own as an individual user (there are many tools today that will allow you to create a website on your own), or you may become the employer of a WordPress developer or web developer. Searching online, for instance, you can find several WordPress designer jobs, freelancers, and job seekers who have knowledge of WordPress design and can develop WordPress websites from start to finish. But with regards to finding the right people, you must prefer those who are talented, with attention to detail, know what is urgent, reliable, competitive, detail-oriented, have patience, and know their responsibility.

When it comes to building a great website, there are several elements you must include, so your website will perform great. These constitute ads, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, connection with your social network, front-end and backend, an easy-to-use interface, assets, custom themes, display, and so much more. Aside from programming and design features, it is also important to ensure you execute the right operations, quality assurance, and maintenance for your website. It has to be optimized.

Whether you are working individually or hiring a project-based theme, the path toward building the website will involve choosing a website builder. There are two great WordPress designers today, and they are Divi Builder and Brizy. There is an ongoing debate about which of the two is better. But we're going to end those doubts right now.

Both Divi Builder and Brizy are great tools for creating a WordPress website. Aside from using them to create beautiful website pages, you can also use them to create custom headers, custom footer, custom single post, custom homepage, custom archive pages, and more.

By using Divi Builder or Brizy, you are not constricted on what's offered by your theme, which are often limited. Overall, their features are generally the same. Both of them offer a live editing experience, the ability to add custom fields (as discussed in the previous paragraph), and so on.

Be it Divi Builder or Brizy, both have their own sets of pros and cons. Divi Builder, for instance, does not have a pop-up builder feature, while Brizy has this. On the other hand, Brizy's theme builder feature does not support display conditions. At the end of the day, the WordPress designer you will choose will depend on what your needs are.

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