Canva Vs Photoshop: A Comparative Study Of These Two Image Editing And Design Tools

In this review, we will tackle Canva vs Photoshop. What is the difference between Canva and Photoshop? Which photo editing and design tool should you use?

Placing images to the content you create is truly a game-changer. But before you can reach the final output, you need to process your images first. Most people would turn to a design tool, and two of the most lucrative image editing platforms today are Adobe Photoshop and Canva. But which should you use? Welcome to our comparative review, featuring Canva vs Photoshop.

Canva Vs Photoshop At A Glance

If you are venturing into graphic design, the experts in this field will them you themselves that you need a great graphic design tool. So, in this article, we will help you decide whether Canva or Photoshop is best for your requirements. Read on.

Although Canva and Photoshop have several similarities, there are also unique differences. Each program caters to a specific kind of person or designer, so it is vital that you identify which features you need to understand better with regards to these programs.

Photoshop CC is said to just have about every tool under the sun for graphic designing and photo editing, while on the other hand, Canva offers a more entry-level way to make professional-looking designs. However, after seeing how these features compare, you may be surprised about our verdict  here at iARTidea.

As we discuss the two program's points of differences when it comes to various features, we will also be choosing a winner in each category. So, let's get started!

Canva Or Photoshop? Difference Between Canva And Photoshop: The General Take

Photoshop and Canva are both promising graphic design software. However, the two have unique differences. Canva is an online graphic design platform that largely depends on templates to create captivating designs. Meanwhile, Photoshop is a program that offers more advanced design tools, and is considered an industry-standard software.

And, just by looking at the taglines on their official websites, you can have a good look at what each of them offers. Photoshop goes by saying, "Everyone can Photoshop," while Canva says, "Design like a pro."

Canva is the perfect solution for beginner designers or entrepreneurs looking to up their marketing game. With several templates you can choose from, you can simply drag and drop a professional-looking design in seconds. Literally. Especially for stuff such as video thumbnails or customized Instagram Stories, Canva is difficult to beat.

However, also despite its many users, Canva can limit you with its tools and editing prowesses. Photoshop makes up for that by doing most of what Canva can, plus many others more. With better selection tools, graphic design choices, and advanced photo editing features, Photoshop is the choice for several designers. Yet, Photoshop is difficult to learn. There are many technicalities.

So, with those pros and cons of each of the two platforms we are looking at, it's exciting to compare them - Canva vs Photoshop

Canva Vs Photoshop

Canva Vs Photoshop – Feature Comparison

Disclaimer: This comparison will focus on Canva Pro and Adobe Photoshop CC. However, you can use Canva for free, but Canva Pro offers more assets and templates for your design. We won't be stalling you any longer.

1. Ease Of Use

The first bout is on ease of use. When you first get your hands onto Adobe Photoshop or Canva, their differences are quite stark. Canva is easy to understand with tools and buttons clearly labeled. From the beginning, you will be confident with the program's basics and you can create very first design in just a matter of a few minutes.

For instance, if you want to create a new Pinterest pin, a quick search in the Templates search bar will give you tons of access to pre-made pin templates. From there, you can simply change colors, texts, fonts, and images to customize the template for your own. Since all things are drag and drop, it is very intuitive to edit any template using Canva. Furthermore, Pinterest pins are just a type of template you can create in Canva. There are more.

Compare that to Adobe Photoshop. At first glance, you will be overwhelmed. Photoshop designs must be created mainly from scratch, from square one without the comfort of a template to work from. Even with its pre-made Photoshop projects or mock-ups, it is still difficult to edit if you do not have the skill. That would be a nightmare, right?

Since Canva Pro offers several easy-to-use templates and is, well, easy to use from the very start, it is the winner in this category. Congratulations, Canva!

Ease of use winner: Canva

2. Design Tools, Features, And Other Capabilities

With regards to working with text and graphics, there are only basic options in Canva. Moreover, quite honestly, the quality is somewhat similar to those you can make on Microsoft Word. Sad, right? Especially if you are really looking for great designs. But, it has some tools to help you enhance your project.

Compare that to Photoshop, where it is a whole new different story. Photoshop offers several shape tool presents found within its Shape Tools, alongside its extensive library of custom shapes users can choose from. Best of all, if you do not see the shape you want, you can find new ones for free online and incorporate them into the software.

As for text, everything is easy on Photoshop with its Type Tool. It also features the Character Panel where you can customize the look of your text in ways Canva cannot.

Using Photoshop, you may also edit your shapes and text's paths. Meaning, you can customize their shapes.

Since Photoshop can do everything Canva can do, plus with more customizing capabilities, it is the clear winner in design features. Congratulations, Photoshop! - Canva vs Photoshop

Design tools and features winner: Photoshop

3. Photo Editing Tools And Capabilities

Using Canva, know that just about every design you create here will require an image. They got a massive library of stock photos or you can upload your own, and edit according to your style preferences.

But in Canva, there are a few basic image editing tools. These adjustments are applied entirely to the image, and you cannot make any customized adjustments. If you want to only brighten a certain part in your photo, you cannot when using Canva.

While Canva only has very basic image editing tools, this can be a benefit if you want to turn things a little bit simpler, right?

Meanwhile, Photoshop offers every editing tool available in the industry. It allows you, for example, to edit raw photos, which Canva cannot.

One of the most user-friendly photos editing tools in Photoshop is known as Camera Raw. This has nearly every adjust you could need to enhance a photograph. From basic exposure to color correction, to complex spot adjustments with masks, it is undoubtedly a complete package.

The best part? Those things on Photoshop are just some of what it can do. Photoshop also allows users to easily remove objects, extend or delete backgrounds, mix in new elements into your photos, and so much more. Plus, there are more editing tools available on Photoshop.

Comparing Photoshop and Canva in terms of photoe editing features, there is almost no competition. Photoshop offers more tools with many other options to enhance your images. Photoshop is dominating this category this with flying colors.

Photo editing and features winner: Photoshop

4. Plug-Ins And Add-Ons

As with any other software, users will also look for plug-ins to further improve their experience. Let's start with Canva, trailing behind. For Canva, there are various places you can find additional templates you can import into the program. For example, there are transparent PNG files you can use as overlays with your existing projects.

But, but, the problem with Canva's overlays is that they lack the customization options you might need. Aside from that, since most are saved as PNG, all the elements are stuck in similar positions. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to customize them based on how you exactly want it.

With Photoshop, there are countless plug-ins you can access. Unlike Canva, these templates are of their very own PSD file format, giving you total control over layer and adjustment. This gives you customization opportunities not possible with Canva. Plus, a favorite add-on on Photoshop is Envato Elements. You can check out this iARTidea blog to learn more about Envato Elements.

To conclude this category, even if both Canva and Photoshop have their own set of add-ons, Photoshop has far more, not to mention the customization options that go with them. Canva vs Photoshop

Plug-ins winner: Photoshop

5. Project Collaboration

Many of those who work on design projects work in teams, and when you do, both Canva Pro and Photoshop offer great collaboration options.

Using Canva Pro, several people can work on the same project, and across several devices. You may also add comments and annotations to your coworking projects for others to see when they access the project. But wait, there's more. You may also share your Canva projects via  link with invites to help edit, view, or use your design as a template.

Canva takes things even up a notch by letting you create shared folders with your branded templates, assets, and colors. In these folders, invited members can easily access and utilize all the files in their design project. This helps the team be on the same page all the time.

Meanwhile, Photoshop has similar collaboration options with Canva through its Creative Cloud. For any of your projects stored in Adobe's cloud storage, you can invite your team members to edit or comment on your projects, just like how it happens with Canva. And the nice thing here is, you can invite people to comment on your projects, even if they do not hold a Photoshop subscription.

Additionally, with the Creative Cloud Libraries feature, you can also create branded asset folders with all your most used graphics, colors, or mock-ups on Photoshop. This makes it easier to collaborate when you are remotely working.

Both Canva and Photoshop are takeaway winners here.

Project collaboration winner: Tie

6. Pricing

Not all software out there are available for free, so customers like you are looking also at the pricing or cost. Aside from the actual use cases of Canva and Photoshop, the cost is a big factor when choosing one program over the other. This is even a make or break.

You can start Canva totally for free, forever, but you are limited by which graphics, templates, and texts you can use in your designs. You can upgrade to Canva Pro, but you will need to pay a price. It is around $45 when billed yearly, and around $5 when billed monthly. So think about these when you are upgrading to Canva Pro.

Comparing Photoshop with Canva Pro, there is no free forever plan for Photoshop (But you can try it for a few days for free). Instead, you need to select from various subscription models in the Creative Cloud. The cheapest to acquire Photoshop is with the Photography Plan. If you want to use Photoshop this way, you get Photoshop, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic, and 20GB of cloud storage for $19.99 a month.

The verdict: Canva Pro is cheaper than Photoshop month to month, making it the more cost-effective choice.

Cost winner: Canva

Overall, Which Option Is Best?

If you did count the winning points in the categories, you know Photoshop is the better program. It has the photo editing tools you need, plus advanced tools and project templates you can find online.

Photoshop can also do everything Canva can do, and so much more, indeed. Though the learning curve on Photoshop is steep, the design opportunities are limitless once you are more familiar with it. However, hold on...

Which Option Is Best For Beginners?

If you are just starting out in the design field and want to create professional-looking designs, Canva is the best option for you. It may lack the advanced features you get from Photoshop, but Canva also is a capable program for business owners without the design know-how.

Now That You've Known The Difference Between Canva And Photoshop, Let's Talk About Quora Questions And Answers About Canva Vs. Photoshop

When it comes to the best graphic design tools, nothing beats what Photoshop from Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva can bring. So to even up your learning notches higher, we've consulted Quora to find the popular questions asked about the topic, and answered them.

Is Canva Better Than Photoshop?

When dealing with Canva vs Photoshop talks, Canva may be better than Photoshop in such a way that it offers a very easy tool for producing professional-looking designs, but Photoshop is also better than Canva when you want to customize how you design your images.

Canva Vs Photoshop: Which Gives The Best Result In Terms Of Graphics, User-Friendly, Looks, Way Of Use, Etc.?

When it comes to which gives the best results in terms of graphics, user-friendliness, looks, way of use, and more, each boasts own merits. If you want to design your images exactly the way you want them to be, and have the time to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop, choose Photoshop. However, if you are beginner who already wants professional-looking designs without having to learn the technicalities of a design tool, choose Canva.

Are There Any Ideas To Get Canva Pro For Free?

Yes, we can give you some ideas. To use Canva Pro for free, you will need to obtain a temporary edu email addresses. There are some websites where you can get this email address from.

Then, proceed to Canva for Education to sign up with your edu email address. After you successfully sign up and get your password, they will provide you with OTPs. These OTPs are needed when accessing course materials or ordering prints from within campus offices too. Once done, you can now access Canva Pro for free.

So, Which Image Editing And Design Tool Should You Choose? Canva Or Photoshop?

Actually, many people use both Canva Pro and Photoshop in their design works. However, for quick designs that do not need top-notch customization options, opt to use Canva. With so many graphics, images, and templates to choose from within the app, many people love the ease of use Canva offers.

However, with those said, Photoshop nicely supplements what Canva lacks and lets users go more customized with their designs. Photographers love to use Photoshop daily for editing images -- something Canva simply cannot do good enough, like honestly.

Together Canva and Photoshop help cancel out each other's shortcomings, offering you a great suite for photo editing and graphic design.

Choose Photoshop If You:

However, We Recommend That You Choose Canva Pro Instead If You:

Canva vs Photoshop? We hope you learned from our discussion!

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