Bubble Tea Places Near Me: All About The Craze

Bored with the beverages you are drinking? Order bubble tea or boba tea, Bubble Tea Places Near Me. The best bubble teas have the most chewy tapioca balls.

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Bubble tea is just becoming more and more trending as the days go by. Have you already joined the bandwagon? You should be!

Also referred to as boba or pearl milk team, bubble tea is a Taiwanese beverage traditionally made with black tea, milk, chewy tapioca balls at the bottom of the cup, and ice. Nowadays, they also come in a variety of different flavors and forms -- from smoothies to fruit juice drinks, to toppings like fresh fruits, chia seeds, aloe jelly, cheese powder and so much more.

Did those information entice you about grabbing a cup? Or perhaps you want another dose of your bubble tea after the one you had yesterday? Chances are, you will find yourself searching on Google, "best bubble tea places near me," right? In this guide, we will try our best to provide you with the best bubble tea shop, so you'll find exactly the best bubble tea places near you.

And after you take some time to find a bubble tea place near you, keep reading this entire article. You will learn about the best bubble tea flavors to try, how to make the best bubble tea at home, and more. So, the next time you order bubble tea, you are in for the complete experience.

What Is Bubble Tea? What Are The Ingredients?

Bubble tea or boba is essentially a tea-based drink, and generally speaking, it has four different ingredients (but nowadays, bubble tea shops are innovating to add more, and you will love it):

The Tea

Also, in general, shops that sell this beverage use loose-leaf Assam black tea, green tea or jasmine tea, and oolong tea for the tea bases. There are also some bubble tea flavors that call for a much darker tea base that gives out a deeper flavor profile.

However, there are also other bubble tea flavors that use a lighter tea base to provide that subtle taste, such as your oolong milk tea. But both of those flavor profiles are great-tasting. It really depends on what you want.

The Milk Or Creamer

For the milk or the creamer, you'll find several bubble tea shops using condensed milk that is sweetened. But, this can vary a lot too. Some use other types of milk or dairy.

Among the most popular milk or dairy products in bubble tea drinks include the traditional cow's milk, soy milk, oat milk, skim milk, almond milk, or coconut milk. Again, it depends on the preferences of the customer.

The Sweetener Or Syrup

Sometimes, certain bubble tea stores do not use sweetened condensed milk, as has been discussed earlier. If this is the case, then most likely, they use a particular kind of syrup. However, if they use sweetened condensed milk, it won't be good to add more sweeteners.

Popular syrups for bubble tea flavors include traditional syrup, honey, and brown sugar syrup. However, there are also bubble tea shops that use homemade syrups too. And they taste just as good.

Lastly (And The Best Part, Usually), The Toppings

Now for the best part (do you agree with us?), the toppings. Bubble tea shops usually provide a lot of choices for the customers when it comes to the toppings to be added to your bubble tea drink. Many bubble tea shops have bubble tea pearls or tapioca pearls. However, there are also other toppings such as jelly, popping bubbles, red beans, and pudding, among many others. Be sure to drink your bubble tea with a topping, so you can the full bubble tea experience.

The Most Popular Bubble Tea Flavors

Right now, we are going to tell you that there are literally several bubble tea flavors out there, and more are coming out from time to time. However, there are five most popular bubble tea flavors that have set the foundation for this drink.

More than likely, every bubble tea shop you will visit will have these five traditional bubble tea flavors. Actually, it is said that a bubble tea shop is not legit without these flavors on their menu:

Best Bubble Tea Places Near Me (United States)

We've searched around to find every top pick in some states when it comes to places where you can buy bubble tea. Here are our findings.

1. Tai Chi Bubble Tea, New York

Located on Eggert Road in the Sheridan Plaza in the state of New York, Tai Chi Bubble Tea is the perfect spot not just to enjoy your bubble tea, but also to hang out with your friends or family, take photographs for social media sharing, and play board games.

They offer a variety of bubble tea flavors. And for the health-conscious, they got dairy-free options, and allow you to customize the level of sweetness (we don't want you to get diabetes here).

Here, you may also pair your bubble tea with their sushi burritos and protein bowls.

2. Selah Tea Café, Maine

From the Big Apple, we head over to Maine (literally, bubble tea is everywhere!). Whether you are craving mango, charo, honeydew, or Thai tea, you will love the bubble tea selections at Selah Tea Café.

They import only the finest teas, as they strongly believe in their medicinal qualities.

3. Bon Bon Tea House, California

If you are visiting California and love bubble tea, a must-visit place is Bon Bon Tea. They are rated high across websites like Google, Tripadvisor, and Yelp.

Locals widely consider Bon Bon Tea as their favorite spot for boba in Los Angeles. Not only that, but their drink flavors are also very inventive and come with the right amount of bubbles.

They have three branches across Los Angeles, and their service and drinks are always consistently good.

Recommended menu items are their aloha pineapple slushy with tapioca pearls and their plant milk tea. Health is wealth.

4. Uni Uni, Illinois

It is impossible to miss Uni Uni's rainbow unicorn mascot. Their wide range of drinks is just as colorful, vibrant, and magical as their brand's image.

Here at Uni Uni, you can enjoy delicious base drinks such as fresh fruit teas, traditional milk teas, and even Yakult smoothies for the health-conscious.

Customize toppings like honey red beans, taro, aloe, pudding, and crystal boba.

Also, keep an eye out for their community events, as well as their eco-friendly line of boba merchandise.

5. Bubble Mochi, Virginia

Bubble tea is also a big deal in Virginia, and if you are looking not just for a great place here to find bubble teas, but also affordable options, head over to Bubble Mochi.

Bubble Mochi is the place to go for tasty treats that converge Eastern and Western cultures. They do not only offer refreshing bubble teas, but also irresistibly sweet donuts, and creamy and delicious ice creams, among many others on their menu. We'll zoom in on Bubble Mochi in just a bit.

If you are looking for the "best bubble tea near me" or the "best bubble tea places near me," you can always refer back to this list to give you an idea. However, literally, there are many other places for bubble tea near you, especially now that boba tea is growing in popularity. Feel free to search around. For now, let us take a closer look at one of these best places for bubble tea, Bubble Mochi.

Indulge Yourself In The Best Bubble Teas And More At Bubble Mochi

What Is Bubble Mochi?: About The Business

Bubble Mochi is your newest hangout place if you are looking for pure fun and unparalleled delicious-ness. This store does not only sell the most refreshing bubble teas, but they also offer the tastiest macarons, yogurt smoothies, slushies, coffees, ice creams, and so much more -- literally everything you need to feel better as you look for the perfect snack. However, their best-sellers are their bubble teas and mochis. Their bubble teas are best paired with desserts.

Currently, they are located at 155B Maple Ave W, Vienna, Virginia, but they are looking at opening more stores soon, such as in Kokee Kitchen and Fair City Mall. You can get your cravings right now as they offer online ordering. For more information, you can phone them at (517) 407-5030.

Bubble Mochi's Menu

Here is the listing of Bubble Mochi's menu:

Bonus Content: How You Can Make Bubble Tea At Home

We recommended some of the best bubble tea shops around, and things you should know about this famous drink. However, if you feel not spending on this beverage from a bubble tea near you, you can instead make boba or bubble tea at home. Below is the homemade bubble tea recipe.

You'll find here an easy way to make bubble tea at home. First, make the simple syrup by combining equal parts water and sugar. Then, boil the tapioca pearls. Usually, you just need to follow the instructions on the tapioca pearls' package. Afterward, brew your bubble tea to the desired consistency. Add the syrup you made, some ice, milk, and tea into a glass. Finally, add the boba, and enjoy your homemade bubble tea.

Popular Quora Questions About This Must-Try Drink

We looked around Quora to find the most popular questions about bubble tea and answered them. Here, take a look.

What Is The Best Flavor Of Boba Tea?

There are several flavors of boba tea around, especially since this drink is just growing in popularity day by day. At the same time, there really is no single flavor when it comes to the best boba tea flavor. There are a lot.

Here are the best boba tea flavors to try: black milk tea, brown sugar, taro, coffee, Thai milk tea, matcha, strawberry, rose, pineapple, mango, lychee, and wintermelon.

Does Bubble Tea Contain Caffeine? If So, Is It About The Same As Hot Tea Or Coffee Or Not Really Relative To Other Drinks? How Much Caffeine Does It Have And For How Much Longer Will It Keep You Active, Or Is The Caffeine In It Minimal?

Let's answer your questions one by one. Yes, bubble tea contains caffeine. The caffeine content is not the same as the caffeine content is tea and coffee. Ranking from that with the highest caffeine content among them to that with the lowest, coffee will rank first, followed by your bubble tea, then your tea.

Bubble tea has an average of 50 milligrams of caffeine per cup. Usually, you can expect 20 to 80 milligrams per drink, depending on the type of bubble tea. If you want caffeine-free options, try the taro flavor.

Aside from caffeine, your bubble tea also contains simple carbohydrate sugar that your body breaks down and converts to energy. This means bubble tea can provide you with temporary energy to keep you boosted all day.

Is Drinking Bubble Tea Bad For Your Health? I Have Heard Rumors That The Boba, Or Tapioca, Is Not Good For Your Health. Is This True?

It's nice that you asked about the effects of bubble tea on your health. After all, health is more important than pleasure.

To answer your question, the tapioca in bubble tea does not seem to have many negative effects. If there are negative effects of tapioca on your health, it comes from consuming poorly processed cassava root. And, those with diabetes should avoid tapioca because it is almost pure carbs. Generally, the rumors are not correct.

Tapioca pearls contain calcium, which is important for keeping your bones strong and preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis. Tapioca also has iron, an essential mineral the body needs to help transport oxygen throughout. Plus, tapioca contains no saturated fat.

As for the health benefits of the entire bubble tea drink, there are a lot. Basically, since it is a kind of tea, you also get the health benefits of drinking tea. Did you know that bubble tea can boost your immunity, give you energy without the sugar crash, and uplift your mood? So you better be ordering your cup of bubble tea.

Is Bubble Tea The Same Thing As Boba Tea?

Yes, bubble tea is just the same as boba tea. The drink also goes with other names, such as: pearl milk tea, milk tea, tapioca milk tea or milk tea tapioca, boba, and tap.

How Many Calories Are There In A Cup Of Boba Tea?

A typical 500ml milk tea with tapioca pearls has 325 calories. If you are buying a larger 700ml, it has 455 calories.

Final Word

Let's say you suddenly craved boba tea. The search for the best boba tea and the best boba shop or boba place where you can grab this Taiwanese drink can be difficult, especially without information like these. If you are craving flavors like Thai tea, taro bubble tea, oolong milk tea, brown sugar milk tea, or other tea options for these boba drinks, it is easy for you to head over to a cafe or pick up a newsletter. But remember, if you are looking for the most delicious bubble tea, you should do your homework and research. Furthermore, it is also important that you think about their cost.

As with what in others, you will need to spend a couple of dollars if you want to try boba milk teas. Plus, this will also depend on the store where you get the drink. Some of the larger and most established chains may offer it at cheaper prices, ranging from $3 to $5, depending on the kind of toppings you get. Also, toppings normally cost an additional 50 cents per topping, but it really depends on the place where you buy the drink.

Or, you may try getting your dose in tea shops. These stores have a stronger focus on fresh ingredients and organic options. However, they might offer the drink at a more expensive price point. Beyond everything, always remember that you are paying for quality. Now, go get that craving for bubble tea! - Bubble Tea Places Near Me

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