8 Best Funny Gifts For 2022: Bring Out The Ha Ha Ha

Bring out the Ha-ha-ha with these eight best gag gifts for your family and friends. We guarantee you, they will love them even if you're not a prankster.

You know that Christmas is all about the "Ho-ho-ho," but this time, we are going to bring out the "Ha-ha-ha" from everybody. Ever thought about giving away funny gifts to your friends and family members?

The origins of gag gifts are unclear, but here is something we're sure of. Human beings, even those who are not so close to, all love to laugh. So, the next time you are in a bit of a struggle to choose the perfect gift for someone who is impossible to shop for, consider giving them a gift that can make them smile. Sure, you can also provide them with the trendiest Christmas toys and the classic white elephant choices, but a well-thought-out gag gift is something that will be well-loved.

A gag gift refers to a non-extravagant token of some kind that can say to the giftee, "I see you, and I celebrate your quirks." These items are not expensive, usually, but this is not a hard and fast ruling. The only hard and fast rule of this type of gifting is that the intention has to be good humor. Or else, things can get really offensive and bad.

8 Best Funny Gag Gift Ideas For 2022: Joke Gifts On Amazon That Can Make Anyone Laugh

Looking for a unique gift that can bring out a good laugh? These best gag gifts on the market are guaranteed to make the recipient laugh and guaranteed to get anyone rolling on the floor, laughing -- like seriously. This list set comes with features that you and your recipient will surely love.

1. Car Mini Waffle Maker

One of the best gag gifts you can find around is this car mini waffle maker brought to you by the Waffle Wow! store.

This waffle maker is a non-stick electric pancake maker pan that creates perfectly shaped car waffles in minutes. The perfect addition to your kitchen.

This pan cake waffle griddle will be there to lighten up your mornings and add a smile to your breakfast. Your kids will love this. Perhaps they can even cook pancakes and waffles their own using this tool.

2. Spaghetti Monster Colander

If you want to bring out the happiness from an important person in your life, but do not want to go overboard, this gift will do wonders. Another one of the best funny gifts today is this spaghetti monster colander from the OTOTO brand.

This spaghetti monster is a straining master in the kitchen. Use this not only for draining pasta for your family, but also fresh broccoli, green beans, and so much more. Made from high-quality materials, and it is easy to clean.

3. Portable Espresso Machine

Love coffee, and at the same time, love to always have a good laugh? Treat yourself with or give others this portable espresso machine by WACACO.

Simple to operate, this espresso machine is compact, lightweight, and very versatile. You can use this for any variant of coffee bean or roast, which will give you more flexibility in trying new coffee flavors.

To use this, simply add coffee to the filter basket with the help of its integrated scoop. Then, apply slight pressure to level the grind. Afterward, add hot water into the water tank. Finally, unlock the piston from its travel position before you pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract the perfect espresso with the generous crema you are looking for.

4. Chocolate Melting Pot

Munching some sweet dessert truly makes someone smile, right? Make them as often as you like. This candy and chocolate melting pot from Wilton holds up to two and a half cups of melted candy melts or chocolate.

It features a removable silicone pot with easy-pour spouts for pouring and drizzling your sweet goodness. It also has two temperature settings for maintaining proper consistency. Every master in the kitchen should have this.

5. Griddle And Crepe Maker

Does your loved one love a good crepe? They should receive this griddle and crepe maker from you. This griddle and crepe maker from CucinaPro makes the most delicate crepes and blintzes.

It already includes recipes for basic crepe batter, fresh mushroom crepes, and blueberry blintzes. Truly a great gift idea.

6. Pizzelle Maker

Here is another kitchen tool from CucinaPro. This pizelle maker makes two pizzelles at a time. Plus, the package includes recipes to guide you.

Its polished surface creates the perfect traditional pizzelles. Easy to use, it also has a steam guard to protect your hands, plus extra-thick baking plates to ensure even heat distribution.

7. Escape Room In A Box

Is your recipient a fan of escape rooms, but does not have time to travel to the establishments that host these escape rooms? Try giving them this escape room in a box by iDventure.

Inspired by "Pirates of the Caribbean," this escape room in a box follows Davy Jones who is said to have locked the souls of dead sailors in this wooden box. Solve the mystery!

Aside from its main feature, you can also immortalize yourself on its Wall of Fame if you have solved the puzzles of this box's rooms.

This mind-blogging game kit consists of 52 individual parts that last from 45 minutes to up to an hour. After you have solved the wooden puzzle, you can simply reassemble the puzzle box and play again.

8. Cat Butt Magnets

These cat butt magnets from Kikkerland make it appear that cat butts are protruding from the surface where you stick these magnets.

Made with phthalate-free vinyl, your purchase already includes six different breeds of cats. Great for all ages, this can be used in areas like your refrigerator or as a décor.

Now that you've learned about some of the funniest gifts you can give to your loved ones, let us provide you with a buyer's guide.

What Makes A Good Gag Gift?

Laughter is a universal feeling, but what makes us laugh is different for everybody. What can be funny for some, may be below the belt for others. Considering this fact, it is why it is essential to keep in mind who you're shopping for. At the end of the day, you will want to buy something that shows you "get" the other person, without offending them. Remember, as they say, jokes are half-meant.

Laughter is a universal pleasure, but what makes us laugh is different for everyone. That’s why it’s essential to keep in mind who you’re shopping for. You’ll want to select something that shows you “get” the other person, without criticizing or calling them out.

Therefore, the perfect gag gift should not carry even a subtle suggestion that you would like your recipient to change. Nor should it poke fun at something they do not like about their personalities. As they say about the best funny gifts, "Keep up the good quirk."

Where Can I Buy Gag Gifts?

Gag gifts are unconventional types of presents, so do not be afraid to think out of the box while searching. For instance, the best gifts for music enthusiasts would not always be from a music shop. Instead, you can pay a visit to online marketplaces like Amazon for the best picks. Affordable and unique gift options are also available at Walmart and Target. Or perhaps you can also head over to Etsy.

Now That You've Learned The Best Gifts That Are Sure To Get Their Receivers Laughing, Let's Continue To Get A Laugh By Answering Some Quora Questions

Before you head over to the gift shop to buy those silly gifts, let's first answer some Quora questions about our discussion.

1. Any Funny Gift Ideas You Can Suggest?

If you are looking for funny gifts that will not be offensive to those receiving the gifts, refer to this list:

2. What Are Some Funny Gifts For A 50th Birthday?

Some funny presents for those celebrating their 50th birthday are Dr. Seuss' "You're Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children" book, Slow Mover Sign, and Helpful Socks. Aside from being funny, these gifts will remind them you care for them as they grow older.

Don't Go Missing Out On These Amazon's Funny Gift Ideas: These LOL-Worthy Gifts Are Sure To Bring A Smile To Everyone's Faces

Dad jokes; hearing somebody's fart sounds; discovering what other people do in their time in the bathroom; seeing Bob Ross, Nicolas Cage, Michael Scott, and Mitt Romney memes; and hearing sh*t yet funny stories from other people are sure to make you laugh. But have you ever tried giving or receiving gag gifts?

Big and small businesses are going above and beyond when it comes to creating gifts that can bring out laughter from everyone. That is why when you look around, you can find the best funny gifts for men and women, or the best joke gifts for men and women.

There are a multitude of them, such as a funny wine glass, Bluetooth, banana phone, paperweight, and dish towel. Then, there are also the funny handset, inflatable tube guy, planter, belly button lint brush, potty training goods, burrito blanket made of soft fabric, silicone mouse pad, coffee table that even comes with funny wordings, and sloth coffee mug. You can also find funny animal butt magnets, the Katamco toilet timer, corgi butt, dog toys, wordplay, sequins, pint-sized gift items, beer belly fanny pack, talkie toys, and so much more. Many of these products come from popular brands such as Hasbro if you want to invest more. There are also gag gifts for your furry friends, believe it or not.

Do you know someone who likes or anyone who loves to laugh? When things become a little awkward, wouldn't it be great for you to break the ice? Brighten up someone else's day and give them these funny gifts you have learned about earlier. Nothing to brag, but these gifts are sure to bring out the laughter to anybody receiving these gifts.

So, drop the f-bomb and get someone to squawk and rolling on the floor laughing with these gifts that are trendy not only this year, but also in 2023, and beyond. These unique gag items are great conversation starters. It's the perfect way to be the source of fun, beyond sending an emoji, even if you are not a prankster.

If you want the woman or the man in your life to become the happiest person on Earth, even for just a few minutes, be sure to refer to this list to find an item that works great if you want to bring out the laughter in them. These independently selected products will take you to these goals, and who knows, you can even earn an affiliate commission when you share them around. Happy shopping, and keep laughing!